Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Chronicles of Breast Cancer Part 6: Frankenboob

Now that everything is over, I am left with a breast that has:
  • A hole where they put in the balloon catheter
  • An incision that look a bit like railroad tracks in my armpit, where they took out the lymph nodes. 
  • A 3-inch, raised, purple scar where they removed the lump
  • Just beneath the big, purple scar, a noticeable divot.
  • Currently, a decidedly sunburned appearance where the radiation damage continues to surface.
There goes my dream of becoming a porn star.


  1. Boy, I feel as if I wrote this! :0)
    I call mine Frankie.

  2. Just as well you forget going into the film business, unless there is a call for older gals then a good makeup artist can do wonders:)


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