Friday, December 23, 2016

Extreme Makeover

This post is for my older sister, Carla, who adores home renovation. Our dad used to flip houses back in the 1960's, before that was a thing, so we were kind of brought up on it.

Old Dog and I just finished remodeling our downstairs bath in preparation for getting older.

We replaced the toilet with a new, taller, dual-flush model.

(Grab bars to be added later.)

The old vanity was pretty beaten-up. One of the mirrored doors on the medicine cabinet had worn out its hinge and kept falling out, so it had to be removed.

A year ago.

Maybe two.

Three tops.

But my favorite update is the shower. Prior to the remodel, we had what may well be the world's oldest hot tub. It was huge--so big our hot water tank didn't hold enough water to fill it--and made of that old, greenish fiberglass.

Removing that tub freed up enough space to create a huge shower, with a corner seat so you can sit down and shave your legs or scrub your feet.

Maybe getting older isn't so bad after all.

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