Monday, November 14, 2011

Occupy Woodstock

I took this picture a few weeks ago, when I was in downtown Dayton at the theater. Since then, this trio has grown into a larger group that is currently battling with the city council, who wants them to leave Courthouse Square before the tree-lighting ceremony the day after Thanksgiving.

As you can tell from the title of this post, my sympathies are with the kids hanging out in various city centers around the country. They remind me a lot of my generation when we were youngsters, back when we were still had ideals and weren't forced, by our desire for a comfortable old age, to ignore inconvenient truths.

The Fox News crowd, of course, is screaming bloody murder about them. Even the people who are on their side complain about the lack of a unified message. I, on the other hand, can't help noticing that, cohesive message or no, they got the big banks to roll back a planned $5/month charge for using your debit card. (Thanks, OWS!)

I'm kind of happy that the X-ers, who were content to wait for the world to change, have been succeeded by a more activist bunch. And I'm a little worried, as I watch the clashes with the cops around the country escalate, that they will learn, as we learned, that peaceful activism is no match for an Establishment that is willing to kill to maintain the status quo.

Godspeed, Occupiers.


  1. It is interesting times. I respect there message, but I worry about where it will all lead. I hope they all get out and vote and do something productive with their angst.

  2. If my feet and back were in better shape I would go into NYC to see this, I know an excuse, but I am happy they are being noticed.

    I have had trouble with BOA and am glad that people are fighting back. I have been doing my part...

  3. I wish the Occupiers the best of luck, too. Like you said, they need it. Did you notice Colin Powell's comment? Something about this type of thing is what America is all about. It is what we do. Good thing we continue to produce new generations.

  4. I support the effort and have yet to make an appearance at a gathering.

  5. I think that the OW's are a bunch of whiny brats..only my opinion..:)

  6. I wish them all well, too. I wish they would find a way to blow up Wall Street, kill Fox News, murder Sarah Palin, gut Herman Cain (not because he's black),post crush videos of Michelle Bachman's naughty parts being abused, and of course I wish Mike Peters could be there to personally eviscerate George Bush with extreme prejudice and cartoon the event. OH, yeah, and I can't wait to watch them pee themselves when it gets below 10 degrees out there. But, seriously, I do support their cause.

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