Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Grocery Getter

Old Dog and I have a system worked out for buying groceries.

Each Saturday, I record everything we need for the week on a pre-printed form that lists, in order, the aisles at our local supermarket. I write down, very specifically, the brands, flavors, sizes, etc. Then he takes the list and, with the blood of the ancient mammoth hunters flowing through his veins, tracks down the items on that list.

We don't do this, as you might think, because I'm a control freak. We do it because Old Dog prefers it that way. (The satisfaction of my inner dominatrix is a byproduct).

And, lest you think that, at our house, it's all about me, Old Dog has the right, and the privilege, of choosing pretty much all the snack foods. I am on a mission to maintain, my weight, so I try to ignore the snack food aisles on the list.

He generally keeps us supplied with lots of things that, due to my allergies, I can't eat, so it works out pretty well.

Except at Halloween. This time of year, I'm forced to provide a little helpful input about the importance of good nutrition.


  1. don't worry, I'm sure he will eat the candy in the car before he gets home!! :D

  2. I am getting better at the details of my lists for hubby, but Halloweeen, forget it, he always buys two big bags of crap candy to give out and we end up eating some of it, then give it away, or I do...this year was a 'A ha' moment for me, because we were not home, but I came home tonight to find a kit-kat on the front porch.

    Who? Who I ask, is taunting me...blog post to come...he he

  3. We have a system...I just don't know what it is! And I have already finished the candy for the year.

  4. Such charming little love notes you leave on the grocery lists:)


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