Monday, October 31, 2011

Grandma Fagin and the Artful Harper

One of the greatest joys of being a grandmother is having, once again, an opportunity to teach small children useful skills.

So I was pretty tickled the last time I visited my grandkids to help them learn a little something about money.

We were at a Mexican restaurant when the kids spied a gumball machine and immediately clamored for quarters. (That's right--25 cents for a gumball--it's 2011. Suck it up.) I only had one quarter, but I did have two dimes and a nickel. I gave Phinn, who's a bit shy, the quarter. Harper's only three, but she's fearless, so I handed her the remaining change.

Pointing to the cashier, I said, "Take these over to that lady and ask her for a quarter."

Clutching the money in her left fist, Harper marched up to the register. She looked up, up, up at the young woman standing behind the register. Some children have voices like the lilting of a flute or fife. Harper's is more like an oboe. Thrusting out her empty right palm, she growled, "I need a quarter."

The cashier looked down at the little sprite frowning up from beneath her blond bob. The child's eyes didn't waver. Her hand remained upthrust in silent demand. Bemused, the cashier opened the drawer and handed her a quarter. Grabbing it, Harper wheeled and headed for the gumball machine.

Which was when I realized I'd just abetted my granddaughter in her first robbery.

Next time Grandma visits, maybe she'll teach you how to knock over a liquor store.


  1. You said go ask for a quarter. This is so cute. She is so cute. Grandma is funny.

  2. Thank you for the laugh. One of these days I may have grandchildren. I ain't holding my breath, though.

  3. I'm laughing so hard that I'm sure my husband is wondering what on earth I'm doing... :)

  4. It's a great gift that God gives us; the opportunity to procreate, recreate, and re-mold the next generation of us. Years ago my nephew's daughter (at three years old) sat on me, farted, and giggled . I explained that it was inappropriate, etc. Two years later she was wrestling with me and told me if I didn't let her win, she would attack me with the weapon she called, "your worst nightmare, Uncle Steve."

    Since then, I have totally given up on ever trying to best a woman.

  5. Adorable, and once again a great tale of truth!

  6. You better stand by just in case you need to bail her out! :)

  7. "Ask and ye shall receive." I can't help it. The quote surfaced automatically.

  8. Precious!! And, she hung on to the change you gave her!! She'll make helluva business woman!!
    How are you doing, Jeanne? I'm sorry I am visiting you after a year now!! I really hope to visit regularly now!


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