Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Baptism by Fire

This is the baptismal font at my church.

The stained glass window doubles as a door. When it's open, you can see little steps leading from the water to a staging room that lies behind.

What you can't see is that the overhead light in that staging room is set pretty far back. Far enough, in fact, that if someone stands at the top of those stairs, that person will be backlit. So that if the window is closed, the congregation will see that person in stained glass silhouette.

And if, after dunking his sheep, that young pastor is impatient to get out of his wet clothes, that congregation will see the stained glass shadow of their spiritual leader shuck off his drawers and briskly towel off before donning a pair of dry pants.

Best baptism, ever.


  1. Hmmm the only view we ever got was our choir director lose his comb over in the water when he dipped his daughter so low his hair flipped in as well...Baptism by strands

    Okay maybe it was a you had to be there moment...

  2. When I was 10,while visiting my Aunt Maxine in southern Ohio, we agreed to go to a Wednesday night service. My cousin Danny and I got to ride with Bud and Clyde Archie over to the church to fill the babtismal tank. I got to hold the hose. Later that night, when they all started singing, "Ye all come", I held on to my mom's hand and was scared to death. Still am.

  3. Well, guess that boosts the congregation a bit, doesn't it?

    Seriously, though, the pics are really interesting.


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