Sunday, May 1, 2011

Flamingo Tales

I spent the past week in sunny Florida (as opposed to really rainy Ohio) with my daughter, her wife and their kids, staying with one of my sisters in Vero Beach. Got back Friday night, but between cleaning house, doing laundry and getting ready to wade back into the world of work, I came up a little short on blogging time, so today you get a visual recap of How I Spent My Spring Vacation.

Easter Sunday: I went out and hid eggs before the kids got up. In one of those heaven-sent coincidences, a bunny hopped into my sister's back yard just as the kids were eating breakfast.

The Easter Bunny!

Any skepticism they might have felt about whether the little brown rabbit they saw hopping around was really the E.B. were dispelled when they saw Eggs, Grandma! Eggs! nestled in the shrubbery.

On Monday night, their (second) Cousin Eoin (pronounced Owen) came to visit. It turns out the iPad2 has terrific games for kids, if you're into spending $500 on a toy for your toddlers.

Actual conversation:

Phinn: You're really good at that! Can I try?
Eoin: Sure. (shoves iPad over to Phinn)

Which is so sweet it's just spooky.

The next day was spent at Disneyworld, where the unnaturally good behavior continued. Not even your normal two-against-one dynamic, just sweet cooperation.

My favorite moment at Mousetown was seeing a little girl in a stroller who'd apparently just visited the princess factory. All dressed up like Cinderella, hair piled on top of her head and sprinkled with fairy dust, glittery makeup all over her face, she was shrieking her head off. Arms and legs flailing. Total meltdown.

Ah, the joys of The Happiest Place on Earth.


  1. I have very fond memories of Florida with the kids...that is if I could tear out their father from the picture...oh the trials of grown up really Ane had her Make A Wish at Disney World, and we had a blast for a whole week!

  2. I love Disney. I can't wait to take my little one. I keep reminding my husband under 3 they're free!! :)) Sounds like a good Easter.

  3. Very nice.We were blown away by Typhoon Lagoon.

    I was very impressed with how Disney knew what we wanted within our budget.

    It was the girl dressed as a nurse on roller skates serving jello shots at Disney After Dark that made me vow to go back someday. I figured Walt prolly didn't care as long as the money keeps rolling in to the shareholders.

  4. Of course she was angry in the hot sun under pounds of sticky hairspray and cake powder make-up! Hope you faired better in Florida ;)

  5. So cute! You have awesome grandkids.

  6. Sorry not to have visited for awhile. Glad to see that you've had a nice vacation and that the kids were nice to you too.
    Hope you had fun at Disney world.

  7. I hear vacations are fabulous when wpent with grandkids, and even better when they're well behaved like yours! Maybe someday I'll get to experience it firsthand!

  8. It sounds like a great time..they will have good memories and talk about it for a long time. I always thought perhaps I enjoyed Disney World much more than my children. You picked a great time of year to get away:)


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