Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fiction Friday: If I Didn't Write

If I didn't write:
  • I'd have the nicest flowers on the block.
  • I'd exercise enough to offset all the time I spend sitting in front of computer screens.
  • We'd eat real food at our house, instead of whatever's easy.
  • I'd stop yelling, "Don't answer that!" whenever the phone rings.
  • I'd have an actual balance in my savings account, instead of a pile of receipts from writing workshops.
  • The bathrooms would be a lot cleaner.
  • I'd walk my dogs for a half-hour morning and evening, like their vet recommends.
  • I'd shave the full length of my legs, instead of just whatever shows.
  • I'd use my lunch hours at work to take classes.
  • I'd spend more time with real people, instead of ones I've created.
  • This post would have gone up Friday morning, instead of Monday night.
But, really, what fun would that be?


  1. If I didn't write I wouldn't be as productive! I don't know why but for me, if all the pieces don't fit.. none of them do

  2. If I didn't write I would be cranky..well crankier:)
    Hope you had a great Mother's Day:)

  3. This made me smile. Miss our conversations.

  4. Keep on writing, Sister Friend! If I couldn't vent my angst or hopefulness in writing I think I would just burst.

  5. :) did you copy over my shoulder in class...I see things in such a different light, a better light... when I write...


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