Monday, April 25, 2011

5 Things I Don't Get

1) Why you always find reams of toilet paper lying on the floor in public restrooms. How much skill does it take to pull out just the amount you need?

2) Why, when blue jeans fade out, they always leave one dark spot.

3) Why that spot is always right at your crotch, so you walk around looking like you have a continence issue.

4) Why they make clothes from soft fabrics like cotton and silk and linen and then destroy all that comfort by sewing in tags that feel like they're constructed from a pineapple rind.

5) Boredom. Back in high school, Ben Campbell, my journalism and English teacher, used to say, "Only boring people get bored. Interesting people do interesting things and keep themselves entertained."

I must have really taken this maxim to heart, because I don't recall the last time I was bored. My usual state is more like a breathless feeling of being behind on twenty-seven different projects and wishing I could find time to take on a twenty-eighth.

How about you?


  1. Your list rings true! However, most of the public bathrooms I occasion have no toilet paper. How I would love even a few squares, even if on the floor.
    I don't often get bored, but in my middle age, I believe boredom is more a state of mind than a state of busyness. Wouldn't it be perfectly reasonable to be content while doing nothing? I only pose the question since I haven't the slightest clue.

  2. I'm very rarely bored...but try telling a kid who is used to constant action in video games that there is no reason to be bored...find something to do...

  3. Surely, the secret of our existance is hidden in the answers to these questions.

    I always tell people , when they mentioned they are bored, that I would love to be bored for a day. It seems like such a gift!

  4. I've been bored, but it's not because I had nothing to do... It's usually because the things I want to do were not an option at the time, like I didn't have the cash to do them or something. Sure, there's always something to do, but it's not always what one wants.

  5. That is a great list.
    I'm with you on the tags in clothes. Drives me nuts.
    And I'm not one to be bored either. Just isn't going to happen.

  6. The knees of my pants wear out before anything else, and before somebody makes the overtly sexual comment I know is coming, it is because I kneel all the time to work with and change my son.

    I always seem to wind up cutting the tags out of my clothes because they bother me.

  7. I like the last line on the clothing tag. What I don't get is how I'm trusted to cook all the meals, upkeep the yard, change the cat litter box, maintain the cars, but if I offer to wash my wife's clothes, I get a firm NO WAY. As for public restrooms, our government should redirect war money to programs supporting pristine cleanliness, well stocked paper products, working faucets, and above all, multiple hi powered exhaust fans for all the people!

  8. I don't get why people decorate their bathrooms with sea themed items, like starfish or shell shaped soap. Yes there's water in bathrooms, but it's not the kind of water that sea life swim in. It drives me nuts. As do those damn tags!

  9. LOL Shut up! We just did sea shells in one bathroom and frogs in the (kid's) other!

    I never understood why people (primarily women, I've noticed" will call you while their on the way home. "I'll be home in about 10 minutes."

    "'re calling why? Just finish coming home, I'll find out where you are when you walk through the door."

  10. I am not sure if it was you, but someone posted about how germs are everywhere, so these people that squat when they pee, my opinion, are the ones having trouble balancing and leaning very low, because someone decided to put the roll holder so damn close to the floor (obviously they stand, and have no idea what goes on otherwise)...and when the paper hits the ground they are afraid to pick it up and put it in the toilet??? What are sinks and soap for?

    You can always wipe your wet hands on the sides of your jeans to balance out the color issue for at least fifteen minutes :)

    Oh you did not say you are bored when my dad was around...his garage was so organized, thanks to me! So I learned to use my time wisely...

  11. I love the line "only boring people get bored" - that one of my usual mom sayings.

  12. What's wrong with being a boring person? ;)

  13. I don't get any of those either! And there is plenty to do...always! And if there wasn't it would be one of the rare times I'd turn on the tv!

  14. Never bored here either..I alway have forty million things to do :)

  15. Hello Jeanne,

    Your list is right on and I am especially taken by the tag on our clothes.

    I guess because I am bored all the time that I always have to have something interesting going on.


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