Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Web Wednesday: Scholar Ladies

The original of this song purported to be about feminine empowerment.

This one really is!


  1. Very cute! I'm all for anything that makes school fun!

  2. Sweet.

    As an old schooler, lying on the linoleum floor watching our Philco Black and White TV ...I remember the first time I saw a colored person on a TV commercial. In my mind, I wondered if someone had made a mistake or something. Then there was time; it kept slipping into the future.

  3. Golly gee, where were these dance moves when I was teaching! This Ozarks farm chick will vote for anything that uplifts and encourages our youngens'. Great video!

    Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day from the hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!!

  4. We're rocking out over here. Love it! What a great twist.

  5. I just wanted to thank ya for your sweet comment and hoppin' on my blog. I sure hope ya'll enjoy the ride.

    God bless and in the words of old Granny Clampett, "ya'll come back now, ya hear!!! :o)

  6. These kids all looked so happy, like kids should be. Thanks for popping over to visit.


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