Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Web Wednesday: Old Joke #30

I received this one from my cousin-by-marriage, Phillip, who was also the pastor who tied the knot between Old Dog and me.

Bubba and Billy are driving down the road, drinking beer, when they spot a roadblock in the distance.

"Oh, shit, we're gonna get busted!" says Billy.

"Don't worry," says Bubba. "I got a plan. We'll just pull over, finish drinkin' these beers and toss the bottles in the brush."

They down the beer, peel off the the labels and stick them on their foreheads, then throw the empties out the window and drive on down the road.

As they approach the roadblock, Billy says, "Oh, shit. They're still gonna smell it on our breath!"

But Bubba says, "Just let me do the talking."

When they reach the roadblock, the police officer takes one whiff and says, "You boys been drinking?"

"No, sir," says Bubba, pointing at the labels.

"Me and Billy are on the patch."


  1. Sounds like something every guy in Georgia who's named Bubba tries to do.

  2. Heeeheeeheeh!!! On the patch...Good one!

    Ya'll have a wonderful day!!!

  3. Market that patch and your fortune will be made.

  4. You gotta laugh out of me...I am telling this one to my sister, she will laugh too since Texas had the 'bubba' law until about ten years in the car with a can in a paper sack on the way home...

  5. I'm afraid you're going to have to translate for me........


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