Friday, February 26, 2010

Fiction Friday: Fables

A fable is a brief story which features animals, plants, inanimate objects or forces of nature, giving them human characteristics, generally including the power of speech, and ending in a moral or maxim.

We all know this, right? We grew up on Aesop and Uncle Remus, after all.

But can you write one?

Last Week's Winner:

Steven G

Love Story

For a moment, one could almost feel pity that it ended in such sorrow. They had been married for just a short time, when he realized it would be over for her soon.

He couldn’t save her this time. No more formal dinners, elegant parties, or expensive champagne. Their wealth was gone.

Almost like sweet Juliet, she swallowed poison to end her agony, and he wept madly when real death silenced her.
Without a flinch, he bravely took his own life immediately.

But, no one cried for this Romeo. For his lady was named Eva, and he, Adolph.

This Week's Challenge:

Write a fable in 100 words or less to illustrate:
1) What's going on with Healthcare Reform
2) The recent behavior of the big investment banks
3) Tiger Woods' story
4) Any other story you'd like to tell.


  1. Here's my fable:

    My name is Cho-cho San. I am a slave girl.
    I do what my master tells me to do, no matter what he asks, and I receive no pay.
    You see, I am a 1999 Toyota Camry. I used to feel so bad when I saw the newer models – cars with computerized brakes and so on – while my operation is pathetically simple.
    These days I feel much better. My master looked over the newer Toyotas and decided to keep me. Ever since the mechanic said, “Tune her up once in a while and she’ll run forever!”

  2. Healthcare Breakfast

    My name is Jay.
    I love the ladies, peanuts, and breathtaking morning sun.
    Each day at 6 o’clock am
    My job is fast begun

    I love the redheads, love the poof
    Your husband off to work
    I laugh with chesty feathered gals
    Out worming with a jerk

    The feeder is so full each day
    Each generation thrives
    Don’t take away my feeder, please
    Support our precious lives

    We all will fly and eat your bugs
    As dawn gives out its thrill
    But if you take away our food
    It’s you we soon will kill.


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