Monday, November 23, 2009

New Option for Saving Energy

Through a joint partnership between the United Way, the Engineering Department at a local university, and our natural gas provider, we had an energy audit done at the clinic recently.

Before I share the results, let me provide some demographics on the staff (most of whom are part-time):

1 female in her 60's
5 females in their 50's
1 female in her 40's
1 female in her 30's
2 males in their 30's

The report said we use only about 60% of the natural gas consumed annually by the average building our size.

Apparently, if you stuff enough menopausal women into one small building, you can save big on heating costs.


  1. It makes perfect sense.

    Is this supposed to surprise me?


  2. LOL! Makes perfect sense to me!

  3. While the guys freeze to death and put up with mood swings! Funny stuff!

  4. They should track how often the temp in your building goes up and down though!

  5. Ha a good one! Our heat has not come all yet this year!

  6. Hey, maybe scientists will find a way to harness the energy from those hot flashes. But then they would probably build a bomb and kill us all, so maybe it's not such a good idea after all.

  7. this should be a good incentive to hire older people!!

  8. I read a shirt once that said "they are not hot flashes, they are power surges".

    It made me laugh.

  9. We all knew those hot flashes had to be good for something.

  10. Just one more case why you should hire old women:)


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