Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Chronicles of Cooking

My friend Teri, who’s been a blogophile for a couple of years, recommended (okay, nagged unceasingly until I caved) that I start this blog.

You’re funny, she said.

You love to write, she said.

You even know a couple of things about computers. It’s a perfect fit, she said.

Due to her *persistence* I finally gave this a shot and she was right – the last time I had this much fun I wound up with a beautiful daughter nine months later. (Okay, that wasn’t the last time, but the results made it the most memorable.)

Consequently, when Teri has suggestions for improving the blog, I feel I should listen to her. Her ideas were:

1) Add a counter
2) Add some pictures.
Which I’ve done, and will continue to do, but I am NOT a photographer and my total lack of composition sense is not counterbalanced by Blogger’s tendency to chop off the right-hand side of photos.
3) Add some pictures of delicious food and include recipes.

Um, I’m kind of not a cook, either.

I was once a competent cook. I used to be able to put edible, reasonably varied meals on the table day after day. When my daughter turned fifteen and became vegetarian, I even learned to cook a few really good vegetarian dishes – pastas and homemade soups and casseroles made with things like lentils.

Eleven years ago, though, I married a man whose eating habits are, to say the least, erratic. On more than one occasion I have cooked a three course meal, only to have him walk in the door and announce, “I stopped for a burger on the way home – I’m not hungry.”

So, over time, I kind of got into the habit of buying things you can nuke and eat from the package.

Now that I’m a full-time homemaker and it seems appropriate to put more effort and less money into dinner, I’ve discovered that I’ve lost the hang of it.

* Nothing gets done on time
* Nothing gets done at the same time
* If variety is the spice of life, we’re doomed to bland.

Onward and upward, though, so, the other night I served this delicious appetizer while we waited for the turkey stew to finish simmering.


1 bag potato chips
1 tub chip dip

Directions: Open containers and place in front of TV.

Presentation really makes the meal.


  1. Hee!!

    I love it, that's my kind of recipe :) Okay, fine, I tend to look for overly elaborate recipes. Could you add a few more steps, like maybe a pirouette on the way to the TV, to properly mix the dip?

  2. It works for me! I have not had a problem with blogger cutting off my photos, but then my blog is a center one. Does that make a difference? :)

  3. Too funny - that is my kind of food. My ex was a classy chef - his cooking was wasted on me and it really annoyed the hell out of him because chefs do have a passion for food. Give me a sandwich any day over cordon bleu cooking.

  4. I'm visiting from SITS! Love your recipe...right up my alley! :)

  5. Your friend is right. You are funny. Love your blog.

  6. favorite my butt loves them!

  7. You should write a cookbook. I would buy it.

  8. Chips and Dip... Who'd a thunk? Chips with big ridges, please...

  9. Potato chips and dip are one of my weaknesses. And I can never make the chips and dip come out even so I have to keep buying one, then the other and there is just no end to it! Yum!

  10. Jeanne..thanks for sharing yesterday and your kind words.

    Your recipe for "chips and dips" was awesome! :)

  11. I've hit the casserole blues myself. Wonder how long I could get away with this?

  12. You are hilarious! Your friend is right. Peanut butter fudge sounds good, too.

  13. Lol!!! The part about the dip made me laugh out loud! Great blog! :)

  14. How do you add a counter? and I think you are witty and a great writer...Would you be my mentor?


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