Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My Little Town Tuesday: Eintracht Park

Over the years, I've levied criticisms and poked fun at the leaders and public servants of Riverside for various things, including the time the SWAT had a twelve-hour standoff with a parrot. Now that they've done something I heartily approve of, it's time to give praise where praise is due.

On Saturday, they dedicated a new public park, the Eintract River Access Park. This beautiful paving stone path leads is perfectly designed to lead an idle wanderer down to the water.

As its name suggests, the park is designed to provide river access for canoes and kayaks.

I don't canoe or kayak, but anyone can enjoy the chance to walk along the river and enjoy the beauty there--maybe even do a little wading on a hot summer day.

My section of Riverside, which is a sprawling suburb that encompasses anything along the north-eastern side of Dayton that isn't claimed by some other locality, borders Old North Dayton, where immigrants have historically made their homes. There's a Polish Club, a Czechoslavakian Club and a Lithuanian Club.

The park is built next to the Eintracht Singing Society,

This view makes me think of that scene in Anne of Green Gables where they play Lady of Shalott.

I foresee some outdoor writing afternoons in my future.

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  1. Looks like a lovely place! I hope you are having a good summer! :)


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