Friday, September 9, 2016

Fiction Friday: Plot with the Big Girls or Stay on the Porch

Last Thursday I fell off my front porch.


Onto the concrete sidewalk.

Our porch doesn't have any railings, but it does have lots of flower pots to gently herd the careless visitor away from the edge. Generally, that's enough.

So how did this happen?

Things were not going well in my writing world, major plot problems, so I decided to take a break and water my flowers.

But once the flowers were watered, no brilliant solutions had come to me. And then I noticed the spiderwebs on the porch ceiling were out of control again so I got the broom and started sweeping them off.

Only my head was still really wrapped up in the book and I was looking at the ceiling and not the floor and the next thing I knew, I took a step back to discover nothing under my foot but air.

So here's the thing. Our porch is 24" high, That doesn't sound like much, but if you add two feet of altitude when you're already toppling like a sequoia, it gives you time to think.

Thoughts like:


That was stupid.

This is really going to hurt.

And (fortunately) Wait, didn't my t'ai chi teacher say you could redirect some of the momentum of a fall by rolling into it?

She did, and it helped. (I think.) I didn't break anything. I didn't hit my head. My back and arms were bruised and scratched and I was shaken up, but otherwise okay.

At least I wasn't driving.


  1. Ouch! Apparently you are well enough now to go back to the fitness center. So nice to see you--even for that brief period.

  2. Ouch. Glad you are okay. I can relate as Grace is NOT my middle name. Beautiful porch.

  3. Glad you are mostly okay! Stuff happens...hope you got all the webs:)

  4. Hope you recovered nicely from this fall from your gorgeous porch. I just came across a comment you left on my blog, 4 years ago! Decided to stop by and say hi.


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