Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How To Say Thank You to a Soldier

At the TGI Friday's at the Atlanta Airport yesterday, the hostess seated me next to a young soldier dressed in fatigues. From the huge camo backpack on the chair opposite him, I could tell he was shipping out. From the equally huge plate of ribs, chicken fingers and fries, I knew he was enjoying one last American meal before leaving.

I thought about saying, "Thank you," but I didn't want to intrude or make him uncomfortable.

Then the waitress brought him the check, but said, "Someone's already paid for your meal." He ducked his head, looking simultaneously pleased and really embarrassed.

Someone figured it out.


  1. That is an excellent way to say thanks.

  2. What a nice gesture and a very practical way to show gratitude.

  3. That made me cry a lil bit.

  4. Yep, can't imagine anyone objecting to *that* kind of thanks! :)

  5. Awww, I have done things like that before...paid for a family's food in front of me because their debt card was overdrawn, well not quite the same but I was raised to give and thank...over here catching up!

    Trying to figure out how to come see you the end of September or a few days after...


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