Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Little Town Tuesday: Nip and Tuck

Over the weekend, we passed this billboard and Old Dog shuddered. "That sign really creeps me out."

"Really?" I said, twisting around in my seat to catch another look. Other than the "you're so not okay the way you are you should pay us to suction out your gut fat with a vacuum hose" message, it looked okay to me.

"Why?" I asked.

"Have you ever noticed how the face is covered up?"

I had noticed that.

"They probably don't want the girl's face distracting from her nice, flat belly," I suggested.

"If it is a girl," he said.


The next time we drove past the sign, I saw what he meant. From certain angles the bikini bottoms on this model appear--how should I put this? to bulge.

Here's the thing: women have this procedure done to make themselves sexier. But once you've sucked out so much body fat that your pubic bone sticks out like testicles, I think you've crossed a line.


  1. It was the word "Pure" that got to me.

  2. Ewwwwwwwww.

    Also, I'm totally not okay with the basic "let us suck your body out through a syringe" message....

  3. I pass that sign every day on my way to work. I don't like it, either.

  4. Pure my as-!

    I don't like surgery even if I have to have it...only twice, tonsils and in grown toe nails and they both didn't do squat for my problems...

    tear'em a new one girl!

  5. Well she looks a tad boney to me..not at all squishy and soft like me:)

  6. I guess it is a woman? And I agree, I'd never have my fat sucked out, ever.


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