Monday, March 26, 2012

My Little Town Tuesday: Marching into May

Weird weather here over the past couple of weeks. It started the weekend of the time change, verifying my long-held belief that we shouldn't dick around with the clock. This year, Mother Nature got so confused she skipped ahead two months instead of an hour.

The outcome of this sproing forward is that everything that blooms in southern Ohio in April--redbud trees and Bradford pears and magnolias--plus everything that blooms in May--viburnum and lilacs and dogwood--blossomed last week in a burst of fragrances that are practically trampling each other to be noticed. You walk out your door and you're assaulted by competing aromas so strong they smell like more rotting fruit than blossoms.

And the worst part is, April and May, which I always view as a gently blooming prelude to the heat and humidity of summer, have nothing to offer me.

Someone at work said, "global warming," but that's just bad science. A one-time, one-region warm weather event is no more a sign of climate change than a sudden deep-freeze is a sign that climate change isn't happening.

Anyway, we all know what's really causing it.

The time change.


  1. So beautiful. But it's eerie to see everything blooming so early. It's makes me wonder about the sweat lodge that awaits us this summer. Dun dun duuuunn...

  2. Our clocks went forward this Sunday, and it's beautiful weather here, too. Apparently it isn't going to last out the week, though.

  3. I see this all over. Our trees have already bloomed and dropped the pink and white on the ground, and I have a feeling we will get one more freeze that will devastate our fruit crops.

    Texas from what I hear is getting off weather too. I think it is just that 1,000 year climate turn around and we only know about it because we keep better records than those around then...

  4. We are stopped up here in mid bud right turned cold again. Give me the freaking snow get it over with an usher in spring. One little old hour should not have made that big of a difference..but it as good of an excuse as any:)

  5. I'm sayin'...our weather has resembled July more than March and April 'till today. Now that my roses have buds and the perennials are well above ground a cold front and 'frost' has moved in.

    I fear for my plants!

    Beautiful tree, beautiful picture!

    God bless and have yourself a marvelous Easter sweetie!!! :o)

  6. Yeah, Mother nature skipped a couple of months here as well. At least she's being consistent! Lovely post.

  7. can we please start a petition to stop this time change thing!! Sending the authorities a bouquet of those flowers may help!!

  8. Hey another note on your blog least you have comments. Mine had dwindled down and down and down.

    My azalea's are popping out, but my one tulip came and went in one week. My tree is flowering, now on to the hydrangea which I get compliments on, but have never done a thing to help them LOL I'll take credit for the cool music coming out my sliding patio door and occasionally I dance around the patio and talk to best audience at times...

    I know I said our trees, but I meant the state, not my own yard LOL


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