Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Web Wednesday: (Literally)

On Saturdays, I often hike with my friend, Pauline, and my dogs at Charleston Falls. It's an ever-changing landscape, and never more interesting than on foggy days, when the beauty and complexity of the spiders' webs becomes visible.

Some are like cups

The spider who spun this one was a real dare-devil. I can just picture him, swooping out over the water, wiping his brow with one of his eight legs every time he came safely to rest on the wooden deck.

Some aren't much more than a few strands of gossamer, connecting leaf to twig.

This one looked like a bow-tie.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

(Note: Just realized that today marks the three-year anniversary of The Raisin Chronicles. This is my 417th post. Some people just don't know when to shut up, do they?)


  1. Looks like a lovely can never say too much for me...just don't say it about me LOL

  2. That was a lovely walk, one of those days to remember when I am old and decrepit. Foggy days are beautiful.

  3. Congratulations. 417 is quite substantial.

    The walk looks lovely in a very lovely countryside.

  4. Happy Anniversary to the Raisin Chronicles!

    Now that I have a 4 year old to point them out - I'm amazed to see spiders webs all over the place. They are beautiful, althought I'd rather not meet their makers.

  5. What a wonderful series of photographs, and I am so glad you thought to get those pictures. Their webs are wonders of the world, I think. You think of how small they are, and how extensive and remarkable their webs can be. I AM with Kim and am not real fond of being too close to these living artists, but I love their work--and want them in my garden. (Just not over my bed, you know???)

  6. " A thing of beauty "

    You had me at " A thing of beauty".

    Goddammit! Now I'll start carrying those little creepies outside instead of stepping on them.

    You artsy writers drive me crazy!

  7. Loved your webs..that first one should win some kinda award! Lucky you to get to hike with Pauline! Way to go on your 417th..keep on keeping on:)

  8. I love spider webs - especially in the frost when you can really see every strand.

    And I'm glad you haven't shut up yet! (I'm coming up for 3 years in November)


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