Monday, July 4, 2011

Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Over the long weekend, Old Dog and I cleaned out the basement, along with some other storage areas around the house. (I know what you're thinking: "If only I could party with the Raisin-Dogs." Alas, such is the nature of Blogworld that it cannot be.)

The plan was to get rid of excess/duplicate/no longer needed items, taking them to our daughter to put in her garage sale next month.

Unfortunately, excess/duplicate/no longer needed turns out to be in the eye of the beholder.

Example: this is my idea of a nice coaster:

While this is Old Dog's idea of a nice coaster:

I'm all about "form follows function" while Old Dog's aesthetic sensibilities run more along the lines of "Screw form; as long as it functions, who gives a shit what it looks like?"

I predict that it's going to be a long and painful de-cluttering process....


  1. I Loved this. Especially the two road diverging at the top.

    My hubs and I found similar disparities when remodeling. We had not realized the vastness of our differences in taste when we had no money for such things.

  2. oh my gosh, we just moved and i was determined to eliminate vast quanitities of our belongings to make the move easier. too bad we couldn't always agree on which objects were extraneous.

  3. Last night our friends came over for a cookout before the fireworks show at the high school. The lady exhibited blueprints of their $ 32,000 kitchen makeover. She was impressed by my ability to make a great Cozmo. He was impressed by our new 55" LED TV. I was impressed that our cat decided not to poop randomly in the basement next to this computer.

  4. By the way...

    Dog's coaster is way more decorative, timeless,and basically cooler than your "duck" themed loser.

  5. What's not to love about a man-hole cover coaster?
    One of the most violent arguments I ever had with my mom was over getting rid of stuff in her garage.
    Good luck and don't kill each other.

  6. We have some coasters exactly like the ones Ole Dog chose. The man is a genius.

  7. Glue the coasters back to back. Abracadabra! Marriage saved!

  8. How's this for heart stopping; I don't own coasters!!! I know right? I'm not even allowed on your property.

  9. It is not a duck it is a loon! AND I bet they came from Minnesota..throw Old Dogs coasters in the rummage pile! Decluttering..we must do that soon too..perhaps in the of luck..and congrats on the Anniversary! :)

  10. it is the difference that keeps you together!:)

  11. omg, i have no good advice on this one. i do believe you will survive it though!

  12. The criteria should be Form AND Function. Remind the Old Dog of this. If it does not bring a smile for you to use, throw it out!


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