Friday, May 20, 2011

4 Things that Really Cheese Me Off (and 1 that Doesn't)

1) Those vertical half pages in the newspaper that advertise furniture, or tires, or what the hell ever. Come on, business that wants my business--splurge and buy a full sheet of paper.

2) Subscription postcards that cannot be removed from the fold of the magazine without compromising the structural integrity of said magazine. By the time you've yanked it out of there (and you can't leave it in, because it makes the magazine stubbornly open to the same spot, over and over, regardless of what article you're trying to read), the staples are unstapled and the whole periodical is in disarray.

3) Conversely, subscription postcards that just fall out on the floor as you're carrying your magazine to a comfortable chair for perusal.

Okay, I get that the publishers need more subscriptions, but how many opportunities do they think they can wring from a single issue? The New Yorker is like a freaking snow storm.

4) Magazines that, as soon as you subscribe, start bugging you to re-up. For cryin' out loud--my subscription isn't out until October. Why are you soliciting me in February? I understand that cash flow is an issue for you, but it's an issue here, too, buddy.

(In case you're wondering about today's photo, it is NOT a picture of the bathroom of the world's most constipated man. It is my upstairs bath, in preparation for painting of the spare/guest/grandkids/library room next door. With the help of my friend, Jen, (the very Jen who saw Lady Gaga with me, and a lot of little cans of paint, the room will soon resemble a sunrise. At least, that's the plan. If it turns out okay, I'll post pictures.)


  1. I agree with your pettish peevery about those items noted in the blog. I even understand how the books stacked up do not necessarily represent the usual bathroom reading back-log. What truly mystifies me is that rubbery looking pink thing hanging in the upper right above the tub. Is that what I think it is?

  2. I was going to say, you are the most ambitious pooper if you normally keep that much reading material in your bathroom.

    "The New Yorker is like a freaking snow storm"--made me laugh out loud.

  3. I agree with every one of your pet peeves! I don't get magazines any more because of peeve #4. The daily re-up requests are sooooooo annoying. If I want an issue of something I buy it anonymously at the grocery store - keeping my head down to avoid security cameras and paying with cash to avoid any paper trail to my mailbox.


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