Monday, November 15, 2010

Wherein a Computer Program Causes Me to Attend Church with Bed-head

On Sunday morning, I decided to finish up my homework as soon as I got up so I wouldn't have to deal with it after church.

The assignment was to setup a space scene with a lunar lander, a spider robot, a space alien and some rocks and to program the following scenario: The spider robot walks over to the rocks. When he gets there, the space alien pops up. The spider robot whirls around and runs back to the lander.

(Yes, the spider robot is kind of a chicken-shit. What can I say? He's not my protagonist.)

Anyway, simple program, right?

I was almost done when I decided I had too many rocks. Since I couldn't remember how to delete an object, I just resized one till it was too small to see. Only then, when I pressed the "play" button, the spider robot would just kind of spin in place with his legs hopping up and down like he was standing on a hotplate.


After a while, I figured out that the robot was trying to walk over to a rock that was too small to see. That was, apparently, right under his feet. I spent the next half hour trying to locate this rock molecule so that I could make it big again.

Turns out it's impossible to resize a rock you can't see.

I had to start all over.

Which is how I wound up at church on Sunday with bed-head and no make-up.


  1. At least you have an excuse for the hair and lack of makeup. I on the other hand have no excuse!

  2. You need a spider robot to do your hair for you while you program on the computer.

  3. What a fun homework! A robot on a hotplate on the moon! I would give it an A :)

  4. Resizing rocks and grains of sand must be the pits..that is some class you are taking. Just so you know..I am a little famous now..not much but just a little:)

  5. You lost me at computer program! oh and spider...yikes what the heck is this homework project for, what class?

  6. My excuse is usually drinking binges and political arguments with hobos and spider robots. They often leave my prim wool skirts looking mussed by the time I roll in for Adult Sunday school. It's usually OK unless I'm giving the call to worship.

  7. But it made for a funny post!


  8. I'm impressed that you know how to do that kind of programming!

    thanks for your comments, bill is doing really well, up and walking today. maybe it's the morphine making things a bit easier? ;)

  9. Darling, it doesn't matter if you show up to church with bed head or not. It only matters what you look like when you leave the church. After all that 'hell-fire-and-brimstone' you'd be lucky if you're hair is still on your head!

  10. Heeehehehe! At least ya have your priorities in order! :o)

    Goodness glory I never had a homework assignment like that. You crack me up tryin' to find a rock ya can't see.

    I'm like a dog with a bone when it comes to such things. I won't let go 'till I 'get' it. I'm twisted like that.

    Ya'll have a fun and blessed day now, ya hear!!!! :o)

  11. Wait, I thought you were going to get your MFA in writing. Boy did you switch gears. LOL.

  12. Hang on. I thought you were going to study writing? Did I miss something...?


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