Monday, November 22, 2010

Two Unnecessary Innovations

#1 Recloseable packaging for men's underwear.

May I just say, "Eww?"

#2: Airport scanning devices that actually do what the old X-ray glasses advertised in the back of comic books did not: let people see through your clothes.

When we reach the point where someone has to either see me naked or cop a feel before I can safely get on an airplane, the terrorists have won.


  1. My wife just got back from London and got the pat down in Detroit. She was shocked at how invasive it was. She had missed last weeks reviews on the news. Help us Obe-ama, you're our only hope!

  2. Pat down = I'm traumatized
    xray = they are traumatized

    x-ray wins.

  3. I'm gonna tell them, "You just have a half hour to stop that."

  4. Agreed! Now my mom is really freaked out about traveling down to Florida to see me.

  5. I agree and would say eww! to both the underwear packages and the pat downs.

  6. I seriously want the x-ray, I will purchase a large dildo to pack in my pants for the occasion!

  7. Someone posted a camera phone video of that boy being searched in the know I had not thought, nor seen a child being searched until then...little people traumatized!

    I am with Skylers Dad, will buy very embarrassing things to shove down their throats...

  8. Amen, sister! The next time I fly I may just walk through the airport in gym shorts and a tank top, holding a shirt on a hangar. (On a hangar to keep it from becoming wrinkled, you know.)

    Then security will probably put a Turkey baster up me bum and feel my extremities until they realize my dried, flakey winter skin is not a security risk.

    What I really think is ridiculous is how they have the airline pilots go through all that security too. If the guy or gal flying the plane wants to do damage, they can just fly that sucker into the ground. What is the point?

    Personally speaking, I think the reality is that there are 'too many chiefs and not enough Indians'.

    (Oh, wait is that not being 'politically correct'?)

    Shit, I better DRIVE home for Thanksgiving.

  9. I am truly glad I'm too poor to fly!

  10. Gosh, you'd think they would buy ya a drink before first base.

  11. I am way tired of hearing it on the news..perhaps everyone should just stay home:)

  12. I'm in favour of it. It's the most action I've had in months.


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