Friday, January 1, 2010

Web Wednesday: To Buy or Not To Buy

There will be no Web Wednesday today computer died.

Okay, it's not exactly dead -- the screen still lights up, but it won't boot, so it might as well be dead.

It's been sick for a while, and I kept putting off doing anything about it, trying to decide whether to fix a 5-year-old machine, or go buy a new one. And every time I'd get an email from HP or Dell, and go through the exercise of configuring a new machine, the final price tag would make me shudder and decide to wait.

So stinginess makes cowards of us all.

I'm writing this post on Old Dog's laptop, which we bought second-hand from Ye Olde Job after the sales team declared it too old to be viable. From that, you can deduce how decrepit it must be. Plus, it doesn't have access to my hard drive, where I store all the cool videos people send me.

So, no Web Wednesday, and probably no Fiction Friday either.

I wonder when the shakes will set in....


  1. It is interesting how dependent we get on these machines. I thought mine was going a while back, but I paid some young genius to come work on it and it seems to be good for a few more miles. I hope you get it sorted out soon.

  2. My sympathies. I had to replace my hard drive a few months ago. Fortunately, my husband's business partner helps me with crises like this. But I fully admit I am VERY testy until I have my own computer back. Good luck to you!


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