Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Web Wednesday: The Newest Member of the Senate

The Bad News: Message from Massachusetts, where they already have universal healthcare, to the guy with stomach cancer who called into my clinic last summer, the one who was living in his car: "Fuck you, buddy, you're on your own."

The Good News: My bookkeeping job at the free clinic looks solid!


  1. I remember back in 1994, when my son was two and he had a rash on his arm and we decided to take him to see the doctor. And we did and we had to pay like $50 and we still had to take the prescription to a pharmacy and pay extra for the medicines.

    It was quite an experience for us then when we were used to at that time, pay RM 12 max for a doctor's visit including medicine (about $4).

    But now things have changed in Malaysia because of insurance. Our medical costs have skyrocketed, unless you go to the government's hospital, where you can still get reasonable treatment but the wait would be way too long (we say, you'll die waiting).

  2. The doctor's visit in 1994 happened when we were in the US.

  3. How about I find out upon my return home that I now live in a state that will have medicinal weed, if I can convince a doctor I need it. What happened while I was away?

    I also found out that my supposedly best friend from grade school to a year before my daughters passing does not remember blowing me off because she owed me a bundle of money, but wants to reconnect on facebook, when she sent me the f'? letter in the first place.

    Is that guy in Cosmo for real? I heard the radio on my way home, but had to go to work, and have not really gotten in on the whole deal yet...

  4. I'll have an award at my place for you tomorrow morning, hope you;ll stop by to pick it up!

  5. The first of many changes to come...

  6. we so over-rate the IQ level of the average voter!

  7. If a women was photographed naked (with naughty bits hidden) would we be calling her Senator today?

    The best part of this week, all my Christian Facebook friends commenting about how MA needs to take back the constitution and vote for Scott Brown. How did this lovely spread somehow miss their attention? Or did they see it and not care?

  8. How is Obama supposed to compete with Cosmo Boy?
    Poor Barack. He showed up with a couple of loaves of bread and a few fishes and was expected to feed everyone.

  9. Our elected officials give themselves excellent healthcare coverage. Why is it so difficult to give us the same opportunity. I'm fortunate enough to have good insurance through my job, but an MRI on my back last year cost me nearly $600 out of pocket. A small amount compared to the $4,000 portion that was billed to the insurance company. A $4,600 for a 10-minute scan seems obnoxiously overpriced.

    I just home Dems and Repubs can check their egos at the door and finally get this done in an amicable way.

    Yeah, Scott Brown may be hot, but 'hot' won't pay the bills. (Well, that is unless you're a stripper, of course.)


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