Monday, November 2, 2009

Funeral for a Friend: Part 2

A number of years ago, my father-in-law passed away, and was buried in the cemetery I re-visited last week.

This cemetery is located on a steep hillside. From the top, you can see miles of Midwestern farmland, housing developments and industrial parks.

On that day, the motorcycle cop who accompanied the funeral procession to the graveyard somehow managed to run his bike over the edge, tumbling down a 65 degree incline. We thought he'd killed himself, but he was okay.

My ex's cousin, a pastor back in the day, and very religious, reminded me of this event while we were standing around on Thursday, waiting for the second set of keys to arrive.

"I still can't figure out how he did that," I said, staring down the hill.

"Because he was a dumbass," said Ray.

I laughed so hard I snorted, mostly because it reminded me of my ex (who has since passed away, too). His sardonic take on mankind was always hilarious.

Funerals truly are a time for reconnecting with dead loved ones.


  1. Funerals remind me of my end destination.

  2. Locked keys, motorcycle crashes... Was this a funeral or a type of circus show?

  3. Hey that sounds like a real exciting cemetery! Please accept my condolences..never easy to lose a friend..even if she was your ex Mom In Law.. and yes, I agree funerals do bring up lots of dead memories..which is really okay..that way if you shed a tear for someone else Like maybe a really sweet dogs you had one time.. instead of for the recently departed one will know the difference:)

  4. LOL! I am loving these funeral stories...

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, loved seeing you there.

    much love

  5. Oh MAN! I wish I was there to see Robocop flip over that hill. You just can't PAY for entertainment like that - a somber event wrecked (no pun intended) by an accident, and everyone at the time not knowing whether is was appropriate to laugh or not.

    (I admit, I would have laughed my butt off at the moment he toppled down the hill.)

  6. Okay, I had to read this post again. It's just too funny!

  7. Hah! So did they have to help the motorcycle cop back up the hill?

    My condolences on your losses...

  8. I am laughing so hard, I am snorting, crying...I can hardly see the father would have said the same is hard to keep funeral and dumb ass on the same train of thought, but it reminds me of funerals in the Appalachian Mountains, and hearing the preachers yell, but give long winded sermons, and then again at the graveside...sometimes you wish a motorcycle cop would come flying by to liven things up!

  9. That's quite a cemetery! Sounds like a Monty Python sketch.
    However, sorry your ex-MIL passed away.


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