Sunday, November 1, 2009

Funeral for a Friend: Old Joke #22

On Thursday, I attended the funeral of my first husband's mother. She was a kind and generous woman and she'll be missed.

She was also from West Virginia, and as country as using corncobs for toilet paper.

When the procession arrived at the cemetery, we all got out of our cars and ambled toward the grave-site, only to discover that the driver of the hearse had somehow locked the keys -- along with the casket -- inside.

And as we were standing around, waiting for another set of keys to arrive, I tried to stifle the little voice in my head that kept retelling me this joke:

Did you hear about the briar who locked his keys inside his car?

Took him three days to get his family out.

Bon voyage, belle mere. Say "hi" to Geno, and Guy and Bobby for me.


  1. Perhaps his family was in the same. . . shall we say "state" . . . as your ex MIL???

  2. Oh my! I can only imagine the terror in this guys least it brought a chuckle (hopefully) to the otherwise solemn occasion.

    much love

    p.s ask me monday is coming up so if you have anything you want ask me (nothing's taboo)...please do

  3. I never would have been able to contain my laughter! But that's just how I am.

  4. I love cemetery time. They all give me a collective message which I have defined as my epitaph:

    I had a great time while I was here, now it's your turn.

    Hope something like that happens at my last performance.

    Very nice words at the end. From the heart and well said.

    A hat tip of respect to Bob, your girl, you all, and to that nice country lady.

  5. Love the old jokes.

    Happy travels to your ex-mother in law.

  6. Oh my goodness. This reminds me of the recent private balloon release my friend was going to do to honor her recently deceased husband this past All-Saints Day. Her granddaughter wanted to write something on the balloon and as my friend was cautioning her to write lightly, it of course popped. Loudly. But as my friend said, her husband would have been bent over laughing, so it all sort of worked.


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