Friday, October 30, 2009

Fiction Friday: Results and a Prompt

This is my own entry in last week's challenge:

I can't rightly say, not being from around here and all, but if I was to say, I'd say just head on up the road till you come to that stoplight up yonder, then head east, crost the road. It's right next to one of them Starbucks. My horse pisses better coffee than they serve at that place. If you come to the eye doctor's, you've gone too far.

Here's a challenge everyone, even the non-writers can play -- based on the voice, give me a gender, age range and location of origin for the character above.

Last Week's Players:

(If I've guessed wrong, and there's something in the voice/text that shows it, please let me know!)

Sandra Leigh

Let's see, dear. That would be -- let me think -- oh, yes. The 7/11. I believe that's what it's called. It's in the building that used to be Henry's Hardware Store. Oh, my. I'd almost forgotten about Henry. He was just the sweetest man, and he loved his store. He was there every day, seven days a week. Poor Mabel had to look after everything at home, but she didn't mind a bit. She knew how much Henry loved his work... What was that? Oh. Yes, of course. It's just around the corner, dear. If you walk down the street toward the water until you get to Mrs. Wilson's house -- that's the one with the lovely rose garden -- and then turn left, you'll see Henry's -- I mean the 7/ll, just on your left. Oh, dear. Now what have I done with my glasses?

Gender: Female
Age: 70’s
Location: Anywhere in the US


"Go three bornes til you see Rousseau's farm, then turn towards the old saw mill. Keep going until you hit the forest, then follow the horse trail and you can't miss it!"

Gender: Male or female
Age: Adult
Location: France

Steven G

Who,me? My name's Sarah Mackelhaney and this here's my little brother Joshua. I'm watchin' him t'day.

What? We ain't got school t'day cause it's Presidents Day.

We ain't s'pose to be talkin' to no strangers. We gotta go!

What? Yeah,I know where one is. You just need to keep goin' on this here road 'till it stops, and turn off t' the right and you'll see a big ole Piggly Wiggly there. They sell newspapers and stuff like that there. We gotta go.

You're welcome. C'mon Josh! Bye.

Gender: Female
Age: Elementary school, probably middle grades, since she’s babysitting her brother
Location: Southern U.S..


Ja, es ist in der naehe. How you say? Close by? Eine kleine konditorei, what you call it a sweet-shop. Was sagen sie? Was I in the Krieg? Ja, ich bin sehr alt; ich war Krieger, but only in Wehrmacht. Never, niemals, in SS. Haben-sie verstanden?

Gender: Male
Age: 70’s or 80’s (because he was in WWII)
Location: Germany

This Week's Challenge:

Using one of the voices below, inform a teller that you're robbing his or her bank.

1) Techie/nerd
2) Granny with a Gun
3) Professional bank robber who wants to pull one more heist before he retires
4) Cheerleader who's doing it on a dare


  1. Thanks for including my silly contribution. That was fun!

    your pig-friend.

  2. That would be a male, between 28 and 40, residing in Eastern Texas.

  3. I vote is male (although he did use a lot of landmarks for a guy), the country, probably midwest somewhere, 20's or 30's.

  4. Male, early sixties, Central Oklahoma. Blood type AB+, prefers flannel shirts and blue jeans, topped off with a battered FORD ballcap. His wife, Nadine, passed away not too long ago, but his daughter Emily takes care of him. That's why he moved to San Diego, which is the setting for the story. He doesn't like southern California (finds it rather snobby for his taste) but Emily and her husband Steve take good care of him.

  5. Cochonne-amie (because I'm a female pig)!
    Hugs, Dedene

  6. >>Using one of the voices below, inform a teller that you're robbing his or her bank.<<

    "I'd like to cash a check, but first please read this note. Now. Be careful; just do as I say and no one will be hurt. Quick, hand it over."

    "Uh--the milk or the coffee?"

    "Coffee... What? Let me see that note. Oh. Sorry; it's been so long since I've done this I got a bit mixed up. I meant to give you this other note. Wait a minute -- I've got it here somewhere."

    "Would you like me to call my supervisor?"

    "Would you? I mean, no, no, don't call anybody. We can work this out together. This is nor going as well as I had hoped. You see, I swore this would be the last time for me, but here I am at it again -- and I can't even find the right note!"

    "You seem awfully nervous. Just calm down. I'm sure you have the note there somewhere."

    "You're a nice person, Olga. Is it Olga?"


    "Oh. I couldn't make out the name tag clearly. Look at this: it's a note reminding me of my mother-in-law's birthday -- from last year!"

    "Ah, here's Sergeant Noonan. Perhaps he'll be able to help you."

  7. I am picturing a man, not a young man, maybe 60ish or so...Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas - something like that - or some midwest town perhaps...

    But, I did have someone give me some directions that remind me of this - and he was an older man, living in Arkansas -so that probablycolored my thoughts!

  8. "I'll blow you...I mean, stick it up! Wait...I know I wrote it down somewhere. Can you hold my gum...gun?"

    (cheerleader. Duh.)

  9. Male, sixty, Texas.. he sounds like a great guy! ..maybe he is handsome and has silver hair and a moustache, and wears jeans and boots, and has a tan line on his face from his brown hat..maybe his reading glasses are tucked into his shirt pocket..maybe:)

  10. Maybe I CAN do this one!!

    Alrighty Sweetie, stay calm, I don't intend to shoot anyone, least of all a pretty young thing like you. You remind me of my Granddaughter, she is the sweetest little thing. Stuff the money in the bag, big bills please, Social Security isn't enough to get by on anymore, what with all the prescriptions my husband has to take. We practically eat cat food. Please don't take this personal, you just looked so friendly. I knew you wouldn't press that silent alarm. It will just be our little secret..Thank You..God Bless you child. :)

  11. "Hi! May I help you?" ( She's 23 )( 90 seconds)

    (I'm on) "Oh yeah, Wow, I'm a huge fan of skin art. That looks like the tail feather of a bird. Please, may I see more of it?" ( 75 seconds )

    "The Bank doesn't want us to show anything." ( She's watching my white teeth) (60 seconds)

    "Is that a Quetzal?", I ask?

    "No, it's a Crane! How can we help you today, sir?" She smiles.(45 seconds)

    "Put the large bills in this bag in 15 seconds or I will fire the gun in my jacket. If you place a dye pack in this bag I will shoot the first homeless person I see and you will know it when you watch the news tonight." ( 30 seconds)

    "Now wish me a good day." ( 15 seconds)

    " Have a..a..good day, sir."

    " Thank you miss. Take care of the Crane." (0 seconds)


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