Friday, March 27, 2009

An Elementary Retrospective - Kindergarten

F! E! S! Let’s go!

This was the cheer for Franklin Elementary, the school I attended from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. When I first started going there, our mascot was a bulldog. Then, for some reason – because another school had first dibbs maybe? – we got a new mascot.

The collie.

If this doesn’t sum up for you the kind of weenie-ass school I went to, read on:


Teacher: Miss Barbara. (I don’t remember her last name. It’s been fifty years. Give me a break.)

I didn’t actually start kindergarten till mid-year (1960), because we’d moved that summer and the schools were so overcrowded because of the Baby Boom that I got wait-listed.

It was during Kindergarten that I got engaged for the first time, to Robert Simpson, who had the most beautiful blue eyes. I can still remember my mom’s face when I brought home the ring he gave me. And I remember throwing it at him when I caught him finger-painting with Becky Vice.

Then there was Neil, who always brought Cracker Jacks for mid-morning snack. I didn’t much care for Neil, but I loved Cracker Jacks, so my best friend, Linda Rosenfeldt said, “Tell him you like him, and he’ll share with you.” Worked like a charm. Unfortunately, Neil’s other charms soon palled and long after I’d gotten my fill of Cracker Jacks, he continued to trail around after me. So Linda said, “During story time, move to another spot, and when he follows you, tell on him.”

Oh, Linda, you devious woman. You are the influence that all parents fear.


  1. I can think of a few adults in my life that work the same way...deviant tyrants they really are...cute post this morning, and I am surprised I am up *sleepy eyed*

  2. Aww, that's adorable. I bet Linda's gone a long way!! :)

  3. Everybody needs a best friend like Linda.

  4. school years pale in comparison!
    Don't you hate it when you catch them finger painting with another!!!

  5. Ah yes, Kindergarten...

    My favorite time was after the chocolate milk and cookies when Mrs. Jardeen would lower the lights and we would bring out the blankets for our little midday sleepy time.

    Fortunately, our generation reinvented this event as the "power nap"

  6. I enjoyed your story about kindergarten. I refused to go. But in first grade I was in love with Joey Pierre.
    Darling post, what every happened to Linda?

  7. I'm sure your devious friend turned into a world class c*ck tease...

  8. Both of you seem like total flirts!! Leading those little guys on!! Come on!

  9. I envy your collies. My elementary school went from bulldogs to beagles.

  10. So have you stayed in touch with Linda? I'd love to hear what she is up to now.

  11. Cute post. I remember kindergarten well. Mrs Murfitt could snap her fingers louder than anyone I ever met! Funny the stuff we remember. Wish I had Linda to advise me back then.

  12. Who is Linda today? Maybe you can find her on Facebook. Sounds like we are fascinated with her.

  13. I've said it once, and I'll say it again...women hold all the cards!!

    And yes, everyone needs a friend like Linda.

  14. I have kids who tell about kids following them all the time. Now that you told this story it's all making sense.

  15. How Funny.
    First thing I thought. Could you imagine the fury over a kid trying to bring Cracker Jacks to school now?
    There's the peanut allergies, then the whole "unhealthy" aspect, not to mention only one prize in a box, can't share with others. Then the whole small parts kids might choke thing.....and on and on.
    Someone would be calling Children's Services on that poor kids mom.

  16. I don't remember being this sophisticated in Kindergarten. Well, frankly, I'm not sure I'm that sophisticated NOW for the matter. :)

  17. My first boyfriend in kindergarten gave me a ziggy doll for Valentine's Day. I think about him every year.

    My daughter is in kindergarten; I am waiting for her engagement.

  18. I told my first lie in Kindergarden. I went to the bathroom at the same time as Jenny and accidentally knocked an entire roll of toilet tissue into the commode. When the teacher asked who did it I denied everything so we both got punished. It was made worse because it was a Christian school so the teacher took it upon herself to tell us that lying was a sin and then she made us both put our heads down for an hour. I didn't cave in to pressure. The teacher was frustrated.


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