Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Couple of Answers

Over the past few days, people have posed a couple of questions in the comments, so I thought I'd take a few minutes to answer them.

1) No, I didn't throw up after the race. And if I can manage to get my shin splints under control, I'll probably run some more this summer. BTW -- my time was 42 minutes -- 14 minute miles. Like I said, there were only two other entrants in my age range. So those of you out there (Blicky) who are running 9 and 10 minute miles and finishing in 100th place, just keep at it. All you have to do is outlast the competition.

2) Linda Rosenfeldt's family moved away when we were in second or third grade. Haven't seen her since.

3) Are you always this funny? According to Old Dog, no. But since you're asking me....

4) It took me about an hour to clean out the hot tub, plus me, Phinn and the floor. Then another hour and a half washing/drying bath towels, while simultaneously running all the tub toys through the dishwasher in a mesh bag.

Phinn, who just turned 2 in January, did NOT help. His idiot grandmother sat him down to watch Monsters, Inc. while she cleaned. A few minutes later he wandered into the bathroom. His lower lip was trembling and his beautiful eyes were starting to puddle over with tears.

"M-m-monsters," he said, shaking.

So we went back to the living room to find something that wouldn't scare any further crap out him and to cuddle on Grandma's lap for a bit.

I keep wanting to tell him I AM trainable, but sometimes I wonder myself.

Anything else? Leave a comment and I'll add it to this list.

Please limit it to things discussed in this blog; if it's from real life, the answer is, "I don't know what the hell I was thinking."


  1. Linda sounds like she was a savvy girl. Wonder what she does for a living?

  2. Oops, didn't mean to ask another question!

  3. When I saw the title, I thought: Good, she is giving the answers beforehand to a new IQ tests. And I was happy, because I still have an inferiority complex from the last ones!

  4. Some days we all need a good Editor!

  5. Ditto on Buff- go back and read some of my older posts...

  6. Real life? What's that.

    Wait listed at a kindergarten, amazing. Of course, we have wait lists for PRESCHOOl around here, if you can believe it. My son is #64 on one.

    Yes. I have a question.
    How many HOURS did it take you to clean the POOP out of the indoor swimming pool! And did the little one "help". (:

  7. I don't know what the hell I was thinking is a lovely caught all. I use it all the time.

  8. Oh, the Monster's Inc mistake. Been there. :-)

  9. hey you are funny and smart all the time, even when cleaning out the hot tub.

  10. You're so cool, Jeanne! Man, I like that in a person!


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