Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And the Answer Is....

This is a follow-up to yesterday's spur-of-the-moment post and to some comments/questions I got on my VM tag list. You posted some hilarious suggestions for WTF (below). (If you haven't perused the comments, I strongly recommend taking a few minutes to do so. They're way funnier than anything I write.)

I was all prepared to go with Buffalodick's idea, "a cat in an alien suit," which made me roar with laughter and seemed altogether likely, until Debbie from Suburb Sanity pointed out that there are no trailers in the picture, and everyone knows aliens only abduct from trailer parks. We all know that cats are clever enough to get the details right, so, we're left with a mystery, I'm afraid. (BTW – Old Dog says the wall is a sound barrier along an interstate. He’s probably right. He’s annoying that way.)

The short story about the infamous art show is titled “Kim in Satin.” I’ll post it soon. I want to give some thought to whether just to post the version that won, or to go back to an earlier version. (I censored out everything that couldn’t go into a family newspaper.)

Regarding the Kix vignette – I did not rinse the cereal. I simply drained it, put it back in the bowl, added fresh milk and ate it. I did, however, rinse the bowl. I’m not a complete freak.

And, finally, to Comedy Goddess’s question: why “The Raisin Chronicles”? Here is a link to my first post, complete with the lyrics to “Lady Face,” the song I wrote in celebration of starting this blog.


  1. So the K in my user name stands for Kim. (Okay, I'm actually a Kimberly, but nobody ever uses my full name.)

    I'm looking forward to reading your story (and maybe buying some satin).

  2. The comments were hilarious. I think you should post some more funny pictures..

  3. You had me there! I thought you were actually going to tell us what it was. And what's this about aliens and trailers? Is this an American thing??

  4. I love your blog! And i went back and read your song and love it're too funny!

  5. There once was a blogger named Jeanne,
    Who looked like a raisin- how keen!
    She really did not,
    In truth, kinda hot!
    Her words should be published and seen!

  6. Nope, you're not a complete freak, but a funny one! Thanks, as always, for the chuckles. And I had no idea that aliens preferred trailer parks (or manufactured-housing developments, as I think they're now referred to) for abductions -- I thought they liked lonely roads with railroad crossings in Nevada. Who knew?

  7. Love your blog! Thanks for stopping by my SITS featured blog today!

  8. I thought everyone knew that aliens only appeared in trailer parks. Do you people never read the Enquirer? Pity. No education around here.

  9. You are funny as usual. And I totally understood the Kix story. Dad would have approved. I think I need to blog about him soon. Maybe I will even give it some thought first instead of just letting the words flow.
    p.s. Jack weighs 9 pounds. I just thought the picture of him was funny. He really isnt scary looking. Just a wierd angle.

  10. Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day last week...I love all the comments and felt very appreciated. Sorry it has taken me so long to share bloggy love back!

  11. *GASP* Kim told you her name!

    I love that you posted that picture, and love the comments. Can't wait to read the story either. Post both versions!

  12. Just caught up and you are all cracking me up. What is that thing? It might haunt me a little.

  13. Man I was hoping you were a complete freak then I could say you complete me. Now we're just a couple of somewhat freaks. :)


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