Sunday, September 9, 2018

My First Book Birthday

Saturday, September 1, was my debut book release. It went well–I even received a lovely bouquet of roses from my daughter, congratulating me on achieving a life-long dream.
Because I’d badgered, I mean, encouraged people to pre-order the ebook, my royalties report on my Amazon Central Dashboard looked like this at the end of the first day:
 A few things to notice:
  1. If you add this up, it appears that by the end of the first day, I earned just shy of $250.00. Unfortunately, this isn't true. Each of those amounts are in local currencies. If you recalculate that last column in U.S. dollars, it actually comes out to $124.44
  2. I have no paperback sales. Since I know at least one, and probably more, people who ordered the paperback on Saturday, I think this is because paperback sales don’t record until the book actually ships.
  3. This doesn't include revenue from Kindle Unlimited, because I didn't enroll in that program until Day 2. 
I elected to enroll The Demon Always Wins in Kindle Unlimited. This was a decision I debated with the other Ladies, because Amazon has really been challenged, over the past few years, to deal equitably with KU authors. Book scammers and stuffers have been gobbling up the lion’s share of the bonus money through unfair practices (e.g. writing fake books that don’t actually contain a coherent story and jamming a bunch of junk into a book to inflate the number of pages that show up as read when the reader jumps to the end).  Fortunately, the Zon recently took action to remedy these problems and I’m hearing good things about the results.
In other statistics:
  • I have seven reviews showing on Amazon, averaging 4.8 stars.
  • My book, at the highest point I saw, ranked 3539 in Kindle Paranormal romance and 65,538 overall in the paid Kindle store.
Over the next month, I have a blog tour planned, including a feature on the USA TodayHEA blog that I did on Thursday, September 6th and a really fun recipe for the Alpha Male Cafe on the I Smell Sheep blog that went up today. Although I know blog tours work better to build name recognition than to actually sell books, I’m hoping to score a few more sales over the course of the month.
So if you know anyone who’s interested in reading a "devilishly good match made in heaven*" please feel free to share this link: The Demon Always Wins.
*From actual reviewers on who actually liked my book!


  1. Way to go!!! I am thrilled for you! :)

  2. Proud I know you. The books we ordered are supposed to arrive today. Bought one for a friend, one to loan out and one for me.

  3. Just ordered your book...I will let you know how I like it. My husband thought it sounded like a good read too:)

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