Saturday, September 5, 2015

Fiction Friday: Starting a New Book

This week I wrote the first words of a new book, The Demon's in the Details, Book 2 of what I call my Touched by a Demon trilogy.

I've been fooling around with the idea for the book for several months, figuring out the turning points and the characters and their arcs, while I finished up revisions on book one, Demons Don't.

(This is the back of this month's Romance Writers Report with me on the cover! The back cover, but a cover's a cover.)

This week was the first time I actually started putting words on (electronic) paper, though, and I have to tell you I simultaneously love and hate this beginning stage.

I love it because the work is fresh and full of possibility. At the beginning of each manuscript I always believe that this one, this time, my reach won't exceed my grasp and the story I wind up with will actually be the one I set out to write. I believe that my words will actually capture and communicate the vision that's in my head. Demons Don't got a lot closer than I've ever gotten before.

I hate this stage because there are so many decisions to make, and each of those decisions can lead you toward a destination that is NOT that vision.

You have to start somewhere, though. The journey of 100,000 words begins with a single typed character.

So far, I have about 4000 of them.

What are you working on these days?


  1. What no big vacation as a reward for finishing the first book and you are off and running on a second one! You go girl!!! :)

    I am working on woodcarvings for Christmas Gifts...I have been transcribing Farm Journals of my husbands grandparents from the 1920's.

    I am only writing the blog...for now that is as much as I can accomplish:)

  2. It'll be great! Congrats on making the cover!! That's a wonderful achievement!


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