Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sleeveless in Seattle

(Okay, so we don't live in Seattle, but "De-Sleeved in Dayton" just doesn't have the same ring.)

Since Old Dog bought his Harley this spring, he's changed. He's tanner than he's ever been before, he's become a total freak about keeping the garage locked and he's bossy and protective about anyone touching his precious Sportster.

And all of his sleeves are disappearing.

(I especially like that last one that still has the little buttons you can use to hold down the collar. Except, of course, that it no longer has a collar.)

On top of all this, I've started hearing about the things a man expects from his "old lady." Apparently the better class of old ladies will clean chrome with a toothbrush.

I'm starting to understand where the term "Wild Hogs" comes from.

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  1. It sounds like Old Dog is turning into a Young Pup.

  2. Color me envious! So I wonder if his first tattoo will be, " Ridin' Miss Raisy"

    Couldn't resist!

  3. One of my best friends husbands got a motorcycle a couple of years ago. (He used to fish and she sat on the bank and watched). Now she rides wherever and whenever he does. They have joined a club for seniors and are having a grand time. Just last year they biked all through the New England states.

  4. LMAO! at Steve's comment!

    I miss the button collar shirts, but hubby said they are so out 90's, he would know, which scares me totally at times...

    I still want a Harley, and yes, my 'old man-lady' would totally clean the chrome with a toothbrush because he is a germa-you know, which also scares me *roaring*

  5. As long as you smile while cleaning all that chrome:)

  6. Bikers are snazzy dressers aren't they.

    Come over and collect your Goddess award anytime!

  7. They say that men are only boys grown tall!

  8. On a recent trip, we became friendly with a couple from France. Later they sent pictures of their trip to the U.S. They were on a large bus tour of the southwest and CA. One of the pics had about 20 French people posing with two guys and their Harleys. They all looked so excited to pose with such an American icon.

  9. Thanks for the giggles. I can think of better things to do with a toothbrush.

  10. hahaha. I absolutely love this. You are hilarious. And I totally think "De-Sleeved in Dayton" works. This reminded of a clip from that show Jerry Seinfeld produces called "The Marriage Ref"


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