Saturday, May 28, 2011

Old Dog's New Toy

Old Dog had one of these back when he was a Young Dog.

He rode it a lot with what we'll call "a group of friends," but at some point he had to sell it to provide for his growing family.

So that's his history with motorcycles.

Mine is that, two weeks before I graduated from high school, two boys in my class lost their left legs to a drunk driver, one at the knee, the other at the hip. They came to Commencement on crutches, only one shoe showing beneath each robe.

Since then I've been petrified of motorcycles. Marry that up with the fact that I'm just the teensiest bit controlling and you have the world's worst passenger. No matter how hard I try to be accommodating, I find myself leaning against the turns.

When previous drivers have complained, claiming it makes it hard to turn the bike, my response has been: "Just be glad I didn't make your seat soggy."

Since Old Dog's mental image of riding has been with a biker mama on the back, we've been at d├ętente on the whole motorcycle issue.

Then our neighbor decided to sell this pretty baby.

We took our first ride on Saturday afternoon. Old Dog enjoyed the wind blowing through what's left of his hair, while I passed the time imagining death by fruit salad--smashed melon and full-body strawberry.

This morning he's out toodling around by himself and I'm at home, wishing I wasn't such a fruitaphobe. We ordered helmets online, and I've promised I'll ride with him once they come in.

I must be bananas.


  1. I admit it, I love motorcycles, had one in high school, small one, and only tore up my knee trying show off and turn a corner a little too end 'watermelonish' :)

    I was hoping to ride for my 50th, but I am in no shape yet to hold one up...

  2. Sooo. I guess it's just a matter of time until we get to see your first tramp stamp? Or maybe we can call yours, "skin art".

    As for Old Dog, I say he just moved forward 10 squares to "cool dog".

    Well done!

  3. I am impressed that you are willing to ride the motorcycle. I don't know if I would have the nerve.

  4. My husband has always had one...I started riding with him at 15 and at 25 bought my own... we needed more room for the kids...our kids ride also, though not as much as we do...we still have road bikes and now also dual purpose on/off road bikes...just avoid the rain if possible...

  5. I'd be scared, too, but my best friend and her husband have lovely motorcycle adventure trips. Good Luck!


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