Friday, December 24, 2010

The True Meaning of Christmas

Last weekend, Kylie (age 6) and her little brother came to visit while Mom went to look for a car. I put them to work helping me decorate our Christmas tree.

As we hung ornaments, Kylie told me stories about various friends at school and I soon noticed a theme. Whenever someone had misbehaved she would say, virtuously, "They don't know the true meaning of Christmas."

After about the third iteration, I said, "What is the true meaning of Christmas?"

Her face took on a trapped look and her eyes darted around the room. It was clear she hadn't expected a quiz.

"Being good on Christmas Eve, so you'll get your presents," she blurted out.


We may need to work on that.


  1. I thought it meant getting hammered and doing something suitably embarassing so your frinds will have something to talk about at the New Year's Eve party. No?

  2. "Being good on Christmas Eve, so you'll get your presents"

    Hmmm...I think that's the true meaning of every day of the year, right?

    Merry Christmas, dear.

  3. Hmmmm...wish I'd taught my children that...maybe they'd have been better behaved! Like kyknoord's comment!

  4. Merry Christmas! Well as long as she is good one evening a year and cute that may work for her:)

  5. You mean that's not the true meaning? Sheez!

  6. I actually thought I would get my son in a church when we were in MO, but it snowed and they canceled the service...I am working on that one too!

    Cute, but so true story...


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