Friday, September 10, 2010

Fiction Friday: Homage to Ray Bradbury

Note: If the "f" word, or, for that matter, nubile young schoolgirls lusting after really old men, offends you, don't watch this.

On the other hand, if your perspective is a little wider, watch it and laugh your ass off.

I did.


  1. That was funny! I love Ray too. I've read everything he wrote. Poor Ray will never see this wonderful hommage.
    The woman's a good singer, too.

  2. This is very funny. I wonder who a UK equivalent might be.

  3. That was strange ..but funny..kinda like that one movie that I cannot remember the name of..musical..set in a high school..they sang a song about fertilization..gosh I hate getting old:(

  4. Oh, Jeanne. You naughty, naughty girl. (I love you for it.)

    Oh, Ray, Ray, Ray, Ray, Rayyyyyyyyy! You've been a very bad boy.

  5. Oh no, thanks for the laugh! Now I want to break out into a song and run upstairs...

  6. Ahahahahaha. Wonderfully funny. I remember feeling that way about some of my favorite writers.

    Still do.

  7. Wow. That might even get an old curmudgeon like Ray up ... old of his seat. Assuming he had a little too much dandelion wine.


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