Friday, July 16, 2010

Fiction Friday: I Write Like....

Stephanie Meyer.

That's what it said: Stephanie Meyer.

If you have zero idea what I'm talking about, check out the NPR story here.

To find out who you write like, submit a writing sample here.

Update: I just submitted another sample (the Gladwell post below) and now it says Ray Bradbury.

This may sound strange, but I'd much rather be like Ray Bradbury than Stephanie Meyers.

Update #2: Using the zucchini post (below the Gladwell post), it now says Margaret Atwood!


Hmm. Is it possible I have a consistency issue in my writing?


  1. I used the beginning of my first book, the beginning of my second book, and part of a blog and got Stephen King, JK Rowling, and Oscar Wilde.

    Frankly, I think it only looks at certain words and phrases!

  2. You are multi-talented, multi-personality. Yet one of a kind.

  3. Mine said Jeanne Raisin :) kidding...

  4. Hmm, funny concept. Pretty sure it's only looking at words, and maybe sentence length. I'll bet you write just!

  5. I submitted a blog post on one of those generators and it told me "Steven King"

    That spooked me enough to not try again. ha!

    (visiting from Far Side's sidebar!)

  6. 愛情是一種發明,需要不斷改良。只是,這種發明和其他發明不一樣,它沒有專利權,隨時會被人搶走。............................................................

  7. Ha! What a bunch of said Kurt Vonnegut and David Foster Wallace..two men..I write like a I have never heard of these yahooes..or read anything by them either. But then again they possible have not heard of me either:)

  8. Consistency is overrated :p I'll do the test when I get home tonight.

  9. It tells me I write like Cory Doctorow. H'mm. Not that bad, actually.

  10. It says I write like "Random Blogger".


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