Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Little Town Tuesday: Why, Lord, why?

This may come as a surprise, but I live just up the road from the 65-foot statue of Jesus that made national news when it was struck by lightning on Monday night.

Before the fire, it looked like this:

After the fire, like this:

It's impossible to know what was in the mind of God when this happened, and hard not to wonder why He struck this statue of His Son instead of the Hustler store that lay just across the highway.

Was it because there is something deeply wrong inside the Solid Rock Church, as one congregation member stated when interviewed on local television?

Was it because God already warned us not to build graven images?

Or maybe God, like me, just found the statue to be offensively ugly, like one of those statues you find at county fairs that are carved out of butter, as Heywood Brown said.

Perhaps the statue was gay. That's always a valid cause for geographically specific natural disasters.

Or maybe, just maybe, it was because the metal framework has lightning rods for arms.


  1. "Perhaps the statue was gay." Best line ever.

  2. I think with all that water and all that metal it was a lightening rod waiting to happen.

  3. We drove past this statue every year on vacation. I always thought it seemed a little gay. ;)

  4. BWAHAHHAHAAHAA! I love your perspective on this. And jealous that you live just down the road from this hot mess.

    You should stop over at my blog, Jeanne. I posted pix of this an asked my readers to caption it.

    There are some funny comments, but the 'gay statue' comment is hilarious!

  5. No. It is hard to believe and sad to see. I remember you posted about it looking urgh.

  6. When I saw the picture, the first thing I thought of was how cool it would be to kick a football through the arms.

    Plus, Jesus is already giving the signal for "IT'S GOOD!"

  7. Eeks! I think God was sick of how ugly those guys made his son look!

  8. In Michigan, where so many snowbirds live, he's usually called Touchdown Jesus. I Love Heywood Banks.

  9. Gone!Who weeps? Such a hilarious Heywood Banks .

  10. or maybe God's upset about the $250,000 it cost to build the statue when that money could have been used to help the poor and needy?

  11. Oh I am sure it was the gayness of it all..or maybe it was George Bush:)

  12. Love is an equal opportunity needle that inserts itself into the veins of all living things, gay,straight,young and old.

    God invented the needle.

    God invented the veins.

  13. Oh Jeanne- this tops them all! I cannot stop smiling my mouth hurts!

    Why oh why do people do things like that, the money could have been used for something more appropriate-

    Okay I just got a chuckle out of 'a football being kicked through it, like a goal', or maybe Rush Limbaugh- Oh no I didn'!

  14. I am with Marinka - the line about it being gay just slayed me! I love the political humor in this post.


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