Friday, April 30, 2010

Flying Pizza

Matt usually pops out to pick up lunch for everyone, but today I had a bank deposit to make, so I offered to do the honors. We took everyone's order and called it in: 2 salads, a 17" pizza, an 11" pizza, a 2-liter of Sprite and a 2-liter of Coke.

I gathered up the money and headed out the door, parking behind the bank so I could get that out of the way.

As I exited the bank, I saw that traffic was Friday-lunch-in-a-university-district bad, so I left the car where it was and walked the block or so to Dewey's. It was only as the Dewey's staff were bringing my order from the kitchen--in three separate trips--that I realized my logistical error.

But they bagged up the soda and the salads, I slung my backpack-purse over my shoulders and I was easily able to balance the pizzas. At least, till I (finally) made it back to the car, where it became clear I was going to have to put something down to get to my keys.

So I set the pizzas on my hood, eased the door open and gently set the soda and salads on the floor. So far so good.

It was as I turned to retrieve the pizzas that a freak wind sprang up out of, I tell you, NOWHERE, lifted the small pizza, held it mid-air for one heart-breaking moment, and then dumped it on the curb.

I'm not a bad person, but for one split second I considered simply rearranging the slices back in a circle and handing off the pizza without saying anything.

I mean, gravel is a form of fiber, right?

But my conscience won out, and I reported the mishap and ordered a replacement pizza.

(Which Dewey's gave me for free, because I made them listen to this whole sad tale. Still another example of the power of story.)


  1. You are a better person than me, I would have just shoved it back into the carton and called the people at the pizza place slackers for being so bad at putting the pies into the boxes.

  2. I dropped my icecream cone once and the nice people at the shop gave me a new one. People are nice like that. :)

  3. I wish we had a picture of your face when that pizza went airborne. You were a nice person to get it replaced and the pizza place was nice to replace it for free.

  4. Congrats, you did the Honorable Thing, and so did the pizza place.

  5. Awesome! Free pizza!

    I'm amazed you made it that far. I can barely get two pizzas and a 2-liter through my front door when the pizza guy delivers it without dropping it.

  6. Ohhhh nooo, but hey I never thought about gravel as a form of fiber! LOL


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