Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Web Wednesday: Billy Connolly

This was Rachel (of Rachel's Ramblings) second comic recommendation. If you've ever had a colonoscopy (This blog is called The Raisin Chronicles for a reason.), this will bring back memories of something that wasn't nearly this funny when it happened to you.

Note: If you're easily offended, you may wish to give this a miss.


  1. I'm shittin' myself laughing!

  2. Did I mention that when I was younger I really didn't like him at all? (Too much swearing & too many body parts for my squeamish teenage self....)

  3. I wanted to put a stuffed gerbil in my cheeks, but my wife put the kabosh on that...

  4. Haaarummphh.

    What a disturbing mind; one who would offer up a stage exposing such embarassment for the sake of humor.

    However,I am proud to be amongst my fellow veterans. When I personally endured the procedure, they told me I could watch the show on the monitor simultaneously and ask questions. Bullshit. I awoke later in a cold white room. I asked why they "knocked me out completely".

    The attending nurse left...then came back, and said, " Uh.. apparently you were experiencing a lot of discomfort."

    I have contemplated the last moments I remember and have concluded that the attending staff made the correct decision.

  5. Wow Jeanne, this just made me laugh harder then what I've cried today. I always come to you for a good laugh.


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