Thursday, December 17, 2009

Old Joke #24

A young couple decides to join a new church that has strict requirements for membership. Before they can become members, they have to agree to abstain from sex for 30 days.

It's a long 30 days (did I mention that they're young?), but they're doing pretty well up until the last weekend. That Friday night, the wife drops a jar of peanut butter, the husband sees her bending over and it's all up with him.

The next week, they meet with the minister to explain what happened.

"I understand," the minister says sympathetically, "but I'm afraid you won't be able to join our church now."

"That's okay," says the husband. "They won't let us back into Kroger, either."


  1. I do not know what is funnier the joke or me being up at this hour...

  2. A good chuckle for a Thursday, Jeanne - thank you! x

  3. lololol! I never heard that one, thanks!

  4. ha, ha, ha! Clever. And what's even better is that I DO shop at Kroger, and thanks to you, everytime I hit the peanut butter aisle, I think of you!

  5. Ho! Ho! Great joke to tell at the NY's Eve party with family. Please continue giving me more material.

  6. should have seen that coming - very amusing!! thanks

  7. cool!! I haven't heard this one either!

  8. *applauds* Well done.

    But was it crunchy or smooth?

    And what about the peanut butter?

  9. I wish I knew what Kroger was....




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