Monday, December 7, 2009

A Gift? For Me?

Sandra Leigh, over at The Amazing Voyages of the Turtle, gave me this award:

I wonder if that's her way of telling me she's a Picasso?

Anyway, along with this award came a meme, 7 Things You Don't Know About Me. If you've been reading the Chronicles for any time at all, I can't imagine there's anything you don't know about me.

So, instead I'm going to share 7 Things That Are Hard To Do.

1) Throwing away dental floss -- If you don't believe me, check behind your bathroom trashcan.

2) Breaking up (duh) -- But seriously, folks, if you know anyone who's going through a breakup, especially as the holidays approach, dig deep into your Santa's bag of compassion and be there for them. Getting divorced, and anything that looks or feels like it, sucks.

3) Folding fitted sheets -- How do they get them into the package so neatly? They are NEVER that way again.

4) Rolling up garden hose -- unless you buy the easy-to-roll-but-doesn't-spray-worth-a-shit kind.

5) Figuring out, from a paint chip, what an entire room will look like after it's painted. Equally hard: spending Thanksgiving weekend priming and painting, only to discover you've brushed and rolled yourself the Red Room from the Amityville Horror. (Seriously -- the dog won't sleep in our bedroom anymore.)

6) Putting on pantyhose -- I hadn't worn pantyhose for a couple of years, until recently. Last week I donned a pair for a luncheon celebrating the fact that my clinic was selected to be the recipient of the parking meter money at The Greene, our local all-weather mall, in January and February, 2010. (Yay!) It took me three tries to finally get the feet positioned so that I didn't wind up with a tourniquet spiraling around the top of my right thigh.

7) Finding notes from the people you actually know on Facebook, amid all crap from the people who asked to be your "friend" and you accepted, figuring, "Sure, what the hell," only to discover that these people have no life, and spend their days doing things with farm animals and filling your inbox with requests for vitual hugs (actually, no), trying to give you goats (absolutely not) and asking you to support their pet causes (maybe, depends on the cause).

Now to pass along this lovely award. I'm choosing (mostly) new bloggy friends whom I'd like to pump for more information.

1) Skyler's Dad from Some Days It's Just Not Worth Chewing Through the Leather Straps -- I just love this guy. He's so caring and gentle with his son, but such a GUY despite that. He proves to me that a man can be both nurturing and straight.

2) Corey James aka the Mad Texter - who's "quick-witted, loyal, the consummate diplomat," (his description) occasionally bitchy, and ALWAYS funny (MY description). Go see him. Seriously.

3) TattyTiara -- of AAA1 Quality Blog, Ltd. -- excellent writer and funny lady.

4) Berowne -- from Savage Reflections -- Film-maker, college prof, Shakespeare groupie -- M'sieu Savage fascinates me.

5) Jane!, from Emptying the Nest, who uses her blog as a way to release her angst, thus avoiding mass homicide, which I think shows excellent judgment on her part.

6) Mr. Knucklehead (at, this is tricky, Knucklehead) - a funny, funny guy.

7) CatLadyLarew at How to Become a Cat Lady...Without the Cats -- which, since I'm pretty allergic to cats, seems like a worthwhile thing to know.


  1. I cracked the folding of sheets just last week, but shhh, don't tell the bedding manufacturers!

  2. I find folding anything difficult. Clothes, paper, bed linen, you name it. In general I think folding is totally unnecessary.

  3. LMAO, you are too funny! The panty hose comment, well, I can relate...

    The 'Red Room' oh it would be better than the 'Yellow Room' I sleep in; its like the sun comes up, and HELLO!

    Ironing is on my top ten 'hate' lists as well...

    Hey Rachel pass that code on over here!

  4. The Facebook bit is so true. When I was new to Facebook the first time I read an update about how someone had just bought a new tractor, I thought the woman had bought a real tractor. I remember thinking, how cool-I'm so impressed she bought a farm implement. Then it got less cool when I realized it was a game and I got requests to take in homeless virtual ducks. By the way, I like the red room.

  5. I've gotten into a pair of pantyhose easily, but had to buy her a new pair afterward! HeeHeeHee....

  6. I love your list! I was nodding in agreement on each one.

  7. This is wonderful, thanks so much! And I like your version of this meme much better.

  8. Thanks for the awesome award, my favorite Raisinette! I shall attempt to come up with some good dirt on myself, worthy of the honor!

  9. 3: Totally with you on that one. I just kind of wad them up and find a tidy corner in the closet to set them.

    7: Which is why I held out against that site for so long. I'm proud to say that I'm all sorts of stingy with my friendship and haven't handed it out to anyone who I don't like. My new sister-in-law being the one notable exception.

    6: Again, I agree. All I'll say is, don't forget I spent some time on the stage...

  10. lol. i can relate on so many levels...except the panty hose, of

  11. How do you possibly have time to be on Facebook?

  12. Congrats on the award Jeanne and I can never fold fitted sheets, ever. Actually I have given up trying.

    I love Corey too.


  13. Mwah!

    Mwah mwah mwah! A thousand times, mwah!

    I have an uncommonly difficult time throwing out dental floss. A boyfriend pointed out that it's better to flush it if you have cats, because of course cats eat string and get it tangled in their guts and it's very bad (happened in my family, too). Okay, but then I worried about wild animals eating it, and they wouldn't even get taken to the vet.

    It's not behind my trash can. I wrap it around my index and middle fingers and then cut through both sides of the loop, then flush the pieces.

    All to throw out a piece of freaking string.

  14. I don't understand why Facebook has to tell me every time someone gets a new friend or comments on soneone's picture who I don't even know and am not friends with. I signed up to keep up with friends and former colleagues, not cyberstalk 200 people.

  15. Thanks for the award! I'm honored.

  16. Phew!!! I've got charity work burnout! Haven't had much time to keep up/comment with my blog pals.

    Thanks, Jeanne for this supersplendillirific award! I shall post it to my blog for all my favorite hookers to see.

    Big hug,


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