Friday, November 13, 2009

Fiction Friday on Hiatus: Old Joke #23

(Fiction Friday is on sabbatical until NaNoWriMo is over.)

In its place, an old joke I found lying around:

A young bride and groom are undressing on their wedding night when the bride notices that her new husband has very odd-looking knees.

"What happened?" she asks.

"I had the kneesles," he says.

"Don't you mean measles?"

"No," he said, "kneesles."

Next, he takes of his shirt and she notices he has lumps all over his torso. She again asks what happened.

"I had the lumps," he says.

"Don't you mean mumps?" she asks.

"No, the lumps."

Finally, he takes off his shorts.

"Don't tell me," she says. "Small cox?"

(Sorry, guys! Humor is a harsh mistress.)


  1. Very funny. Why have I never heard any of these Old Jokes before? The poor bride...

  2. That's crazy, I've never heard of someone doing that with a tennis ball before.

  3. I hope for the bride's sake that small cox turned into PENIScillin.

  4. ahahahahahaha, this one is getting read to hubby right now, he needs to smile before going off to the office...good luck on nanaowrimo!

  5. Funny! I hadn't heard that before.

    How's the writing coming along?

  6. There's a similar joke about a newly-married couple in Rome.

    Girl disrobes. Her husband cries "Ah, if I only had a macchina fotografica!"

    When he takes his clothes off the bride cries "Ah, if I only had an ingranditore!"

  7. That was funny. I need a laugh.


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