Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blog Success Story

Elizabeth Stelling, aka Chef E, author of seven (this woman is seriously demented) blogs, including TMI and Food Poetry, has been recruited by KGNU, out of Boulder, Colorado to read her poetry on their "Crops to Cuisine" show.

To hear her maiden performance, go to the KGNU schedule, and select the "Metro" listing at 3 p.m. on Monday, November 16 from the calendar. E's reading occurs about 15 minutes in.

And you wanna know what the coolest part is?

They found her through her blog!

(How great would it be if Blog Success Story became a recurring feature here?)

Congratulations, Elizabeth!


  1. I saw this on Elizabeth's blog - haven't listened yet (it wasn't up when I first went to look, and I'm trying to NaNo, dammit...) but I'm so thrilled!

    PS I don't think I'd have even found her amazing blogs, or certainly not as soon, if you hadn't given us both the same award back when I was a Very New Blogger. So thanks for giving me a new friend :)

  2. Anyone with 7 blogs deserves a medal. I think.

  3. Okay guys I am blushing, but appreciate all your friendship, and both of you found me about the same time...yes seven blogs is a feat, but I have an ADD mind, so it works, and a gemini, we love to multi-task, LOL!

  4. VERY cool! And holy crap - seven blogs!?! I can barely post once a week on my ONE! Congrats, Chef E!

  5. I've always been impressed that she can keep up with so many blogs!

    A very exciting story indeed.

  6. I listened and love her. So much passion so neatly packaged...

    hauntingly efficient!

  7. I live in Boulder County, listen to KGNU a lot, but missed this, so will have to go find it. So cool that they found her through her blog.

  8. I guess if you have seven blogs going, the odds are in your favor!

    But I will give her a listen! You always have a great lead on things.

  9. I find Steve G's bio pic interesting...he is holding a guitar...I run open mics so he and I could run in the same circles if we lived in the same state...chuckling at his comment...odd, as I never thought of myself as neatly efficient :)

    He has no blog?

  10. okay its waaaay too early for me this morning, he said hauntingly efficient, but still...but thanks!

  11. So cool! (I wish someone would find ME through MINE.)

    I'll have to check her out seeing as she combines my two favourite things in the world: food and poetry.

  12. Life gets in my way of posting one blog. How is it possible to keep up with seven? Can we say "over-achiever"?


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