Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Gone Awaycation

Late last week, Old Dog and I traveled to Michigan to see Greenfield Village, to tour the Rouge River Ford Plant and to see Edsel Ford's mansion at Grosse Pointe Shores.

The best feature of the trip was a chance to have dinner with Jan from I Thought My Life Would Be Different, who generated the idea for the trip in the first place, with her post on Eleanor and Edsel Ford last spring. She very generously mailed me some coupons, which made the trip a lot more affordable.

On the way home, at a Wendy's outside Toledo, we saw the following signs.


And on the door:

It's clear what's going on: Canadians have been sneaking across the border for taste of our delicious American food, only to discover that their money is no good here. But they'll stop at nothing, those crafty Canadians: they next try burgling our burgers.

Let us pray that that little paper sign is enough to guarantee the security of our fast food nation.


  1. I wouldn't dare burgling your burgers for fear of guns - oh, and the small matter of the Atlantic being a bit too big to warrant a trip just for a burger, no matter how tasty.

  2. You were here! And we didn't know it! We could have met you at the Henry Ford, we live 20 minutes away. Ah, well. Next time. And Toledo has the sign because many Michigan vendors WILL accept Canadian coins. I'm sure they get hassled all the time.

  3. I ate a Wendy burger in 1977 in Niagara Falls... and turned our hotel room in to a scene from the exorcist for the entire night.
    Ah, memories...
    Nothing to do with US$ and halloween masks though...

  4. As I live in a state that shares borders with Canada, exchanging money currencies is no big deal.. do it at a reputable bank, where the exchange rate is up to date. They'll take American money up there, but the further you go into Canada, the odder the exchange rate becomes..

  5. Most places here do take Canadian money. We are just happy that someone wants to give us money! I am so glad you came to visit! Sorry about the head bump at Josephine's playhouse. My kids loved that little house as their play area didn't compare.

    My favorite are was the butler's pantry as I pictured my friend's father working there. He was English and tall and thin. I thought about how Eleanor made tea for the butler's widow when he died in their cottage in Maine. Eleanor was very gracious and the help was treated like family. Things aren't like that today.

    Glad the coupons came in handy.

  6. One of my first jobs, I had to do Canadian exchanges in my head, on the fly. That's what you get when you work 5 minutes from the border, though I must admit there were many days I wished for a "no Canadian currency accepted" sign :)

  7. That reminded me of a funny Canadian coin incident that Captain Clueless suffered through recently. Will have to make a note to post it soon!

  8. I visited Greenfield Village many years ago on a church trip when I was in high school...thanks for bringing back that memory. It was very fun, and I am sure there is much more to it now. The bank across the hall from my office always posts a sign on the door on Halloween telling people to take off their masks. Duh!

  9. amazing how good our stuff is huh?

  10. I just saw Grosse Pointe Shores somewhere. Now I remember, it was in the movie, can't remember the title but it had the Cusacks in it and Mimi something. Oh well..never mind.

    Cute observation and comments :)

  11. I had no idea that the northern US had such a terrible illegal immigrant problem.
    The authorities should build them shelters and let the Red Cross feed them. Poor Canadians!

  12. Never trust a Canadian

    (Don't let Captain Dumbass know I said that...)

  13. har har har.

    Us crafty Canadians. har har

    Love you.

    Renee xoxo

  14. God help all the US border-hoppers if the "Fat Tax" gets approved by Congress.

    There goes our fast food!

  15. Well, I'll take some Canadian money.
    And, lots of it!

  16. I thought all the Canadians were in Florida...who knew aye...ha!

  17. Hilarious. I always knew those Canadians were sinister.


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