Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Web Wednesday: Courtesy of Skylers Dad & Perigrin

Skyler's Dad sent me this video link in response to my drunk test post:

And Perigrin provided this link to The People of Walmart after reading The Man by the Window.


  1. When I go to Walmart, which is not very often, I go in the wee hours in the morning and don't give much consideration to what I am wearing. I can see I am going to have to take more care in my appearance. I don't think I can compare with any of those captured on film yet, but still....

  2. I am confident that will be my best laugh of the day! Beer Goggles really work!

  3. The first drunk driving video was hysterical, because it seemed so real. The second is good too, but then we all know how much the Scots drink.

  4. I love it!

    I went to a college that was less than 20% women. Thrown some beer in that situation and you saw some awesome examples of beer goggles.

    (My due date is Jan. 4 - I'm 23 weeks along. Thanks for asking.)

  5. I just found the People of Walmart the other day ... not good ... not good, LOL!

  6. i'm pretty sure i just peed my pants - let me check - ahhhh, yep, i did. i swear, this weak bladder i'm gonna ...


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