Friday, September 25, 2009

Old Joke #20

(Fiction Friday will return next week, assuming my growing obsession with Glee doesn't screw up my posting schedule again.)

A Native American goes to see the medicine man.

"You gotta help me, doc," he says. "I'm not getting any sleep."

"What's the problem?" says the doctor.

"One night," the Indian says, "I dream I'm a wigwam. The next night, I dream I'm a teepee. Wigwam, teepee. Wigwam, teepee."

The medicine man says, "I know what your problem is."

"What?" says the Indian.

"You're two tents."


  1. NO NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I need some sleep myself - it took me ages to get that.

  3. He has two wives and therefore cannot sleep?

  4. Groan and then a giggle, after a few moments of "huh?"

  5. Take your left hand, and hold it firmly against the left side of your face. Now with your right hand, slap yourself in the head! Stay away from puns- they are the Devil! Don't try to get even, I'm in the middle of a root canal right now, so just enjoy the fact that I'm already in pain!

  6. I'm an idiot. I had to read it out loud for it to make sense.

  7. I had a vaguely similar experience. Years ago I was at a camping exposition -- all kinds of camping gear, etc. -- and I ran into a friend.
    "What do you think of the show?" I asked.
    "My interest is intense."
    It wasn't till I got home that I realized he had made a joke.

  8. Hee, hee! Funny. Sorry, I haven't popped in here much lately. I've been frantically trying to renovate my blog.

    I'll do better to keep up with you.

    Gotta go now, me got biggum powow to attend.

  9. Duh. I had to read it out loud too. I'm too dense!

  10. Oh my. As long as he wasn't starting to lean, too.

    Don't know if I told you, but this is Chris from M-ville. I've gone to another site...

    Come check it out!

  11. When you find that mythical blanket, can you make sure to keep me in the know.

    Love Renee xoxo


  13. Brilliant. I'm suffering from that myself.

  14. Dedene: I had to read it out loud too. I'm too dense!

    I know what you mean. My car is covered with 'em. :-)

  15. Ha! Definitely punny.

  16. Ouch! That almost hurt. Why can't I stop laughing?


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