Friday, September 4, 2009

Old Joke #19

A woman whose husband has passed away comes into inspect the mortuary’s work before the viewing begins.

The funeral director leads her into the room where her husband’s remains are on display.

“How does he look, ma’am?”

The woman begins to weep violently.

“He looks very nice but Harry never wore brown suits," she sobs. "Harry always wore blue suits!”

The funeral director leads her from the room. “Don’t worry about it, ma’am” he says soothingly. “We’ll take care of it.”

And, sure enough, when the funeral begins, there’s Harry, nicely laid out in a blue suit, as promised.

Afterwards, the woman stops to thank the director. “I just hope it wasn’t too much trouble,” she says, swallowing back a sob.

“No problem, ma’am,” he says. “We just switched heads.”


  1. That's one of the all time greats!

  2. Jeanne- I bet you like puns too....
    My funeral/widow joke...
    A widow, driving back from her husband's funeral, tells the limo driver to pull over at an upscale store.. She goes in, and comes back wearing a full length mink coat, and sporting a 3 karat diamond ring. Jumps in the limo and she heads home. Her husband was cremated, and she had his ashes in an urn... lowers the window, and says to the urn, "Harry- I just bought the mink you would never buy me, and the diamond you would never give me" She lowers the window, and lets his ashes be swept away by the wind... "and there's the blow job you were always bugging me about!"

  3. I wish I could put my 46 year old head on Elle MacPherson's 46 year old body. That would solve many issues for me.

  4. Funny, Buf and Com God.

    Reminds me of a TRUE story...

    K's friend's father died a few years back and requested his ashes be thrown out over Indian Lake in Ohio. He was a real jokester in life, and must have chuckled that day. The family rented a helicopter and honored his wishes. However when the pilot opened the door and his daughter dumped the urn, the areodynamics of the situation brought the contents back in to the cabin where everyone was covered in ashes. The father had to have been laughing!

  5. ha ha ha!!! Love it. Hope all is well there.

  6. great post! HA! I found your blog thru VODKA MOM. I love finding new blogs and I think yours is GREAT! When you get a sec, come check me out! If you decide to follow, I'll be glad to return the favor!

  7. okay jeane, you're not even in your 70s yet, so you aren't -in my book- technically considered a crusty yellowing senior. as i always say, i don't mind BEING older, but i do mind LOOKING older, and now i guess i have to face the reality of SMELLING older! thanks for following me and back at ya!

  8. LOL.. all the jokes are always great around here:)


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